Thursday, July 14, 2011

Model Interview: Simmie Vedi

Simmie Vedi is a 19 year old alternative model, based in Cardiff. “I’m not your average model…” she explains “I'm 4ft 11in, I'm Indian (born in the UK) and I have red and purple hair”

Simmie has been modelling since 2009- she loves creating an amazing image and meeting new people. She works in a club, doing exactly what she loves, which is taking photos! Her job means she meets hundreds of people a week, giving her the ability to actively promote all the lovely designers she meets.

What is the story behind your model alias?
There's not really a story behind it, as it's my actual name, but I can tell you that I was named after an Indian actress that my mum loves.

How did you get your start in the modeling business?
It was all thanks to Model Mayhem, TAMD, my loved ones and a lot of shameless self-promotion

You are also a photographer, what style or genre you do specialise in?
I specialise in club-work and events, I love being around people and networking as I work. I also photographed my first cosplayer last month and I really enjoyed it, so I'm looking to do more shoots like that.

You customise your own clothes so your wardrobe is full of individual pieces, what is your most beloved item?
That's a difficult one! My most beloved thing... I'd have to say it's a light grey denim skirt that I made from a pair of jeans. I love that skirt, it goes with everything!

You are quite skilled at doing your own makeup, what is the craziest look you’ve done? The craziest look I did was wayyyy back when I think I'd done one shoot, I was messing about with make-up and just started doodling. I also drew a full spider-web mask over my eyes... intricate, but fun!

You are a spokesmodel for two accessory companies and you make accessories yourself, what is your favourite piece of jewellery that you have created?
I think my favourite piece would have to be something that I sadly no longer have. It was a charm bracelet made out of scrap bits of chain that I had left from repairing necklaces. I used to stick a lot of sentimental stuff on there, but lost it at some point.

At the moment you have red and purple hair, what other colours have you experimented with?
Not many, to be honest! I was bright pink/magenta from the ages of 13-16, then started dyeing my hair red, and haven't looked back since. I want to try peacock colours soon, but I'm aware of how quickly they fade!

What can we expect from you for the second half of 2011?
In the second half of 2011, I'm hoping to start designing some latex and jewellery ^_^ I'll be selling the items from 2012 onwards, if all goes well!

Do you have anything that you would like to add or promote?
Yes, I'd to say that I think you should all go have a look at "Mortiis M - extreme corsets and accessories", "Santa Macabre Jewellery" and "CherryBomb HairAccessories"- who can all be found on facebook ^_^ they're wonderful designers and lovely ladies too.

Also, photo credits go to the following:

Brenna Mack Photography

Louise Thomas Photography

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Model Interview: Lady Noctis

Lady Noctis is a petite creative model with big ambitions of exploring the world through the eyes of art. An illustrator with a penchant for comic books and a ‘small’ obsession with a character Harley Quinn. She has always been an artist of illustrative contradictions and can be found using a bright palette which is a contrast to her quirky style and dark subject matters. Lady Noctis is currently completed a BA (hons) General Illustration in Swansea.

What is the story behind your model alias?

The name came about due to the fact I wanted an alias for my artwork, when I first started university I tended to be more creative at night; so I thought of having a name that could be associated with this aspect of my creative flow. I came across the word Nox which is Roman for night, but after researching the name I discovered it was a name used for a company within computing; so researched other names for night and came across Noctis which is latin for "Of The Night". Thus came about the birth of Lady Noctis.

How did you get your start in the modeling business?

I took part in a local group shoot that a Swansea based model was arranging which was based on the film classing Labyrinth, she advertised she was looking for non-models so I enquired as I am a huge fan of the movie. It was an incredible experience and I made some very dear friends; in addition to this the shoot ended up being published in Alt Fashion magazine then it just grew from there.

You are currently completing a BA (hons) General Illustration, what is your favourite part of the course?

As cliche as this may sound, I cannot say sum my time up on the course to one favourite thing. I got to do a degree in the thing I love most and be creative 24/7. Everything about the course was a joy, the experience, the art, the friends I made.... just everything.

What inspires you as an artist?

I am highly inspired by the Victorian era, the emotions of one's individual state, dark romanticism and all things timeless.

You mentioned that you have a soft spot for anime, has that influenced you as an illustrator?

Most people assume it has, but the truth is I am not influenced by anime at all, I am influenced by the artist/illustrations I adore; such as Dali, Tara Mcpherson, Mark Ryden, Dave McKean, Escher, the list just goes on and on.

You mentioned you liked comic books, who is your favourite character?

Everyone who knows me knows this answer: Harley Quinn (but Harley Quinn before the D.C reboot that is taking place)

What can we expect from you in 2011?

Currently, my art has taken over at the moment with an exhibition in London and merchandise in production such as t-shirts, necklaces etc. Modelling wise, I have a few things lined up but due to being in the process of moving out of Wales and down to Southampton I haven't been able to book as many shoots as I would like but I have a few projects in the pipeline. So keep an eye out for them.

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Friday, July 1, 2011

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