Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Model Interview: Kitty Kat

Kitty Kat is an 18-year-old alternative model, who first began modeling to help out some friends with an art project, then grew to be an obsession. She fell in love with modeling instantly at the age of 15, when she was hired for BizR Babes as a model and photographer. Kitty Kat’s career grew from there and she has now been published in over 5 magazines including a cover and spread in Wink Magazine and has been interviewed on the television show Zombie Etiquette. Kitty Kat plans to continue modeling and expanding her portfolio to promote herself as an artist/tattooist/model and photographer.

You are an alternative model as well as a photographer, which were you first interested in?

Photography definitely came to me first. That was a passion I've had for as long as I could remember. I kind of stumbled upon alternative modeling by accident. A friend asked me to pose for photos for them as a favor, and when we posted them we got a huge response. It all just came about from that.

Your speciality is oil painting, what has been your favourite piece that you have created?

My favorite oil painting I've ever done has to be a portrait I painted of my friend/fellow model Genna Bee. It's one out of a series I did of female models lit from underneath. I feel like I finally got the value of that piece right and it radiates the energy I wanted it to. It was such a success people have offered hundreds to buy it, but I can't part with it yet!

You are selling your traditional artworks, the original and the prints. How can we find out more info?

You can e-mail me for any information regarding artwork prices/sales at: All of the photos are posted on my facebook page. I really just need to put together money for art college. I'm one of those starving artist types.

You are a body modification enthusiast, how many piercings do you have?

I have 22 piercings total. 5 of those are dermals implants.

Do love horror films, which is your favourite?

My favorite although it's not considered horror is Repo! The Genetic Opera. It's a modern cult classic it is!

You run the Paper Dolls, tell us about that.

Paper Doll's was a modeling site back in the MySpace days. It featured models such as Razor Candi, Asphyxia, and Fiction. Then my life got super busy when I started working for the BizR Babes and I kind of haven't checked the site since. I plan on possibly bringing it into the FB world... I just haven't gotten to it quite yet.

What can we expect from you for the remainder of 2011?

Lots of photoshoots and lots of great photo edits. I really want to get back in the groove of shooting and modeling now that I've moved and settled in where I'm at. So expect some crazy things for the end of '11. Photoshoots with sword swallowers and scorpions! It'll be fantastic.

Do you have anything that you would like to add or promote?

Check out my facebook page for artwork/photos/interviews/in-progress work. and keep in touch! I answer every notification I get on both my Facebook accounts!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A follow up with Collette Von Tora

For Collette's first TAMD interview with me click here.

Latex: Cathouse Clothing
Photographer: Scott Chalmers

Since her first interview with me, Collette has remained a busy gal. She's shot for numerous latex companies, done videos for, and shot various creative shoots. She approached me about doing another interview, and I have to say I was (and still am) flattered that she would want to do another one with me - so flattered that I took her up on that offer.

AS: Who or what inspired you to become a model?

Collette Von Tora: My biggest inspiration was Actually Dita Von Teese, the first time I learned about her and saw the modeling she was producing I was very much Driven to go for it. My name also gives a little nod to her. (It's where the "Von" comes from) The woman exudes classy and style and looks amazing in all of her work. I also find the art of the tease fascinating along with the whole burlesque scene. This is all something that I have easily Fallen into along with my modeling and it makes me very happy.

AS: You've been shooting a lot of Latex lately, what has been your favorite piece to shoot in?

CVT: That's a tricky one. I would have to say, and sorry to all the designers who didn't get a mention...but,  the "Life is A cabaret" Sally Bowles inspired outfit as designed by Cathouse Clothing, that I shot with Scott Chalmers. It's a very simple piece but, looked amazing and I adore the film. It was a real honor the Cathouse was willing to design the piece for the shoot. One of my favorite shoots to date.

Latex: Cathouse Clothing
Photographer: Scott Chalmers

AS: What has happened since your last interview?

CVT: So many things have happened since my last interview. The biggest thing is that I am now the official subscription and back issue girl for Haunted Magazine. The Bizzare Magazine  Ultra vixens competition win had a lot to do with that, I am very grateful. I am going to be featured in every issue of Haunted Magazine, for as long as I wish. The magazine can be purchased at select WH Smiths UKwide and online.

I have also [been] featured in 4 music videos so far this year for some excellent bands, including StormcorporationNeverdigm FallNightvision, & Jay Stansfield.

I have a lead role in a short film coming up later this year and I am also set to appear in some magazines over in America.

That plus countless other things such as, my being involved in a catwalk show for Fetasia Latex, which was called 'Slap and Twinkle'. I have also done a few videos for Latex Girls HD, that have been getting a good number of views...the list goes on...

Latex: Fetasia Latex
Photographer: Colin Grist (Pathway Studios)

AS: Being an alternative model has it's ups and downs. How do you deal with the lows?

CVT: It is true that I have to deal with a lot of downs as well as ups. I have in the past battled with depression, as most creative types do. I tend to get lost in my art. I force myself to plod on with things, even if I do not want to get out of bed in the morning. My modeling and acting are my passion and it keeps me going. If I did not have this, I am not sure how I would cope, maybe a new

I also try to keep things positive and enjoy making other people happy. As long as I can keep doing that, then I doubt the lows will ever really be too much of a challenge.

The trick is to keep going...even when you really feel that you can't.

AS: You've done a lot of shoots, covering a wide range of genres and styles but, what is your dream shoot?

CVT: My dream shoot would be a high fashion shoot with David LaChapelle. I know that is it highly unlikely to ever happen but, that would be it for me.

AS: How did you get started with Latex Girls HD?

CVT: I met Cole Black via Facebook and we got to chatting, it was around the time of the Bizarre competition so, there was quite a bit of interest in me being in the competition. Cole expressed an interest in working with me, I sent over a few videos that demonstrated that I could present and the rest is history. He is a joy to work with and his work is excellent. I foresee us working together a lot more in the future.

Still From Latex Girls HD video w/ Cole Black
Latex: Shhh! Couture

AS: You recently did a photoshoot depicting an exorcism, do you believe in exorcisms yourself?

CVT: I do not so much as believe in exorcisms, as I find the subject matter fascinating. I have watched a lot of exorcism films and read into them a lot.

I am not a religious person but, I do find people and the way in which we deal with things we do not really understand very interesting.

I guess I will never really believe in them until I witness them for myself. Just call me Scully, lol.

Scott Henderson Photography

AS: Besides modeling what do you do to pass the time?

CVT: To be honest, given that I have a 'day job', modeling and acting take up a lot of my spare time now. I do allow myself time to go on walks, see live bands, watch horror movies, & spend time with the boyface. But, I have to admit most of my spare time is spent networking online and arranging shoots. This is what happens when you have a real passion for something.

Latex: Fetasia Latex
Photographer: 1 click photography

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Full Photo Credits (top to bottom)

Photo 1 & 2

Photography: Scott Chalmers Photography
Model: Collette Von Tora
Hair and Makeup: Vintage Hair Lounge
Outfit: Cathouse Clothing

Photo 3

Photos: Pathway Studios(Colin Grist)
Outfit: Fetasia Latex
Makeup: Collette Von Tora

Photo 4

Stills from Video from Cole Black of Latex Girls HD
Outfit: Shhh! Couture
Wig: Wonderland Wigs
Photographer on shoot: Jef Photography

Photo 5

Photography and Editing: Scott Henderson Photography
Model: Collette Von Tora
MUA: Jez Hunt
Vicar: Jez Hunt

Photo 6

Photos by: 1 Click Photography
Outfit: Fetasia Latex
Models: Collette Von Tora
Hair: Ac Hc (Andreas)
MUA: Fozia