Sunday, January 30, 2011

Model Interview: Lady Jezebel Hayze

Lady Jezebel proves that you can smoking hot at any age, this grandmother of 4 continues to impress us all with her classic pinup style and her witty charm. She may have started modeling a little late in the game but she arrived with a bang and making her presence known. She may do this for fun but, she takes it seriously and just became the UK Manager of MyEliteModels. I'm honored to know and promote Lady Jezebel, despite her name she is an utter sweetheart.

Lady Jezebel 2010
What is the story behind your model alias?

Well one of my favorite songs from childhood is a track by Frankie Laine called Jezebel, loved the track and loved the name, before I started modelling I had a leg pinup tattoo done and I named her Jezebel, so when I "accidentally" became a model what other name was there? It had to be Jezebel! It also begins with the same letter as my real name, Jeanie, and Hayze is a shortened version of my last name Hayward, with a Z thrown in to match the Z in Jezebel!  So, that is how I became Jezebel Hayze, I then became Lady Jezebel Hayze as a lot of my friends began calling me Lady J!! 

How has your age affected your modeling career?

My age does not seem to have affected my modelling in any adverse way it seems to be a bonus! Except that I need a lot of editing on the pics! lol  But, I have been welcomed into the modelling world and dont feel like an old lady when im in front of a camera ! I'm having a fantastic time, what better way to spend my retirement!! I was gobsmacked* when I found myself on the leaderboard for the Ultravixens competition and even more gobsmacked when I won!!!! That was a big turning point in my life and I thought "I can do this" so, im doing it and get very positive, kind, and supportive feedback. So, I'll just keep doing it til the kids shove me in an old peoples home!! lol. I must admit I was a bit worried starting at 47 in August 2010 (so im still new!!! ) when theres so many gorgeous young things out there but, can honestly say being 48 rocks!! 

Is modeling a hobby or more of a career for you?

Modelling is very much a hobby for me, I came to it late in life after retiring from work with the NHS early due to becoming disabled after an accident! For me it is a very enjoyable hobby, if a career comes from it then thats a bonus!

Where or who do you draw inspiration from, model or non?

I get my inspiration from those around me, from what I see everyday. Also from my childhood growing up in a post 50s era! Amazing music, fashion, and motorbikes!!  Shelly D'Inferno is an idol of mine, I adore her, and late greats like Marilyn Monroe & Bettie Page. Non model inspiration comes from people like Archibald McIndoe, a renowned and pioneering plastic surgeon, who help rebuild the faces of so many injured and burnt airmen during WW2. I have seen his techniques used in theatre first hand and wish I had known him and scrubbed in for surgery with him! 

If you could travel to one location in the world for your dream shoot where would it be and why?

If I could travel to a dream location I think it would be a 1950s hollywood film set or  somewhere with lots of vintage motorcyles!!

Besides modeling what do you do in your spare time?

Dont really have much spare time! I have 4 children, 4 grandchildren, and I'm very much the Matriarch of the family so, they keep me busy. I'm also UK manager for Myelite models and look after all the UK members. When I get chance I like to read, draw, write, and think of ideas for new shoots. I also edit my own pics so that keeps me very busy and currently I'm making firesticks for someone I will be teaching Fire Performance to!

The image I think of when I think Jezebel is the one with Bailey's, do you actually like drinking it?

I adore Baileys, it's my favourite drink!  Large glass over ice...ooh yum! So, yes I like it, very very much!! lol.

What can we expect from Lady Jezebel in the future?

For the future you can expect lots of new work, different styles, & genres, 2011 is the year of Lady J. I'm gonna be very busy and producing lots of new work and trying out lots of new ideas! So watch out for new stuff all through the year, just did a shoot with Rick Tampion! Hollywood! Lots more to come and I welcome any ideas!  New shoots booked for next few months so some exciting stuff to come! I'll be building up the UK side of MyElite Models as well!!

Can you explain your tattoo 'Dazed and Confused' a bit further, what it the meaning behind it?

Lol, Dazed and Confused!! This describes my state of mind most of the time, as I can be a bit scatty! (cos I'm a real blonde) But, it is also my favorite Led Zeppelin track ever, if you haven't heard it then its a must! Old skool rock!!

Is there anything you would like to promote and/or add?

I'd like to add a very big thank you to everybody who has welcomed me and supported me! Keep supporting me, I will give you lots of good stuff and make you proud!!  Thanks guys! I've met some truly awesome people that have rocked my world !  I'd like to promote where I am UK manager! I'm looking for lots more UK based male and female models as well as photographers to come on board with us and help the site expand into the UK so, get in touch or join up!!

Tampion 2011

Tampion 2011

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* Gobsmacked is an English term that just means astonished or astounded.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Model Interview: Willow Rose

Willow Rose is a classic beauty in every sense. She is also one of the sweetest models I have ever had the chance to interact with. Her love for helping others helps her stand out as does her high quality portfolio packed with both sensual and "girl next door" looks. The photo below is my favorite of Willow, for now I'm sure and shows the classic beauty of the talented Willow Rose. 

Photo by: Ian Wilson

What is the story behind your model alias?

My model name is inspired from nature not ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ (Yes, I’ve been asked!) ‘Willow’ is inspired from the ‘willow tree’. This tree represents bending and forgiving (the traits I wanted to acquire.) ‘Rose’ is inspired from love, as rose’s present love. This is the one thing that can heal or destroy us.  Also I think that this name has a ‘Victorian, burlesque, gothic’ essence to it. (Don’t you agree?)

What drew you to the world of alternative modeling?

Well, I’m far too small (5”2 1/2) for high fashion/catwalk modeling. Although I have done ‘petite style’ fashion modeling. I find that alternative modeling is much more creative, as it is mainly art not advertising. (Alternative modeling can be used for advertising too.) (So it can be a little bit on the offensive side.) I also treat modeling as a form of “creating art” because it is my hobby (but I am hoping to get something serious out of it, and see how far I can take it.)

What do you feel are the benefits and disadvantages of being in the alternative modeling world?
The benefits are:
v More creative (as I discussed.)
v More self-accepting e.g. plus-size modeling.

The disadvantages are:
v Can be restrictive e.g. if the person isn’t versatile (only sticking to one genre.)

How has your family responded to your style of modeling?

My family is very supportive with my modeling. I share my modeling work with them. They are supportive of my nude modeling too, as they have seen examples of work, and they understand that I have my limits.

Let's talk about Lady Rose Promotions, why did you start it and what are your hopes for it?

Lady Rose Promotions first started off as a Photo Album on my Facebook fan page. It was named ‘Friends of Willow Rose’ and it was put together to promote other models, photographers, make-up artists, hair stylists, artists, bands etc. Then I created a fan page for ‘Friends of Willow Rose.’ As I thought this would be much better for the people I am promoting, as they could have their own photo album to show a selection of their work. I decided to re-name ‘Friends of Willow Rose’ to ‘Lady Rose Promotions.’ I thought it was much better as the name says exactly what the ‘organisation is about and it still has my ‘trade mark’ name.
I want Lady Rose Promotions to grow bigger and become more well-known; it will promote a lot of people/groups, and it have sponsors’ or associates to keep it running as it will be free for people to get promoted.

You do nude work, do you still feel nervous even though you have done it a few times already?

Working nude never makes me feel nervous anymore. The only thing that makes me feel nervous is meeting new people, as first impressions last forever.

You have been modeling for 1-2 years now, what advice could you give to aspiring models who don't know where to start?

1.     Talk to models who already model.
2.     Research modeling including: safety, photo shoots, poses, tips etc.
3.     Work with photographers on a TFCD (Time for CD) basis to build up your portfolio for “free.” You can find photographers on websites such as
4.     Be professional: Always ensure you turn up on time to photo shoots and ensure you are prepared.
5.     Be safe.. (I know I have already covered this.. But it is very important!)

Besides modeling what do you do in your spare time?

I take care of my pets, draw and paint, play the violin, watch TV, go to the  cinemas, go to concerts and listen to music etc.

What is one thing that your fans wouldn't guess about you?

I don’t think you would have guessed that..
I am very passionate about the environment and animals. I studied Animal Care and Animal Management at college, and I will be going to University later this year to study Zoological Conservation. Conservation is about conserving the animal and its environment, and I am very excited about studying this! I love animals (more than humans in most cases) and I live with 2 cats (a Pedigree British Shorthair female called Velvet, and a non-pedigree Domestic Shorthair male called Midnight.) 2 female hairless rats (named Amethyst and Luna.) and finally two pet fish (who don’t have names, yet?)  

Finally, is there anything you would like to promote or add?

I would like to thank everyone for their ongoing support. I would like to promote my blog and YouTube ChannelAs I hope to be using both of them more this year! (Suggestions are most welcome!)


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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Model Interview: MidnightBliss

With her fiery red hair and seemingly perfect face, MidnightBliss is a beauty if there ever was one. She came to TAMD when we had just started so, she could be considered one of the original TAMD models. In fact, I'm positive that she was one of the few models I approached to get TAMD built into what it is now. So she gets a special thanks for not only doing this interview but helping mold The Alternative Model Directory.

What's the story behind your model alias?

I'm not entirely sure where It came from originally but when I was younger, in my more gothic stage I used the name MidnightBliss a lot. I like the way it sounds and I'm quite a nocturnal person, I love how quiet it is at night whilst most people are asleep, it is quite a blissful feeling, it's got little to do about me as a person, but I wanted to use it as my alias.

How long have you been modeling?

Not very long really, Since around May/June of 2010, so only 8 months, and I've really enjoyed it so far.

Besides modeling what do you do in your spare time?

In my spare time I watch a lot of films, write a load of rubbish on my blog, spend time with friends, go to gigs, drink a lot of tea. 

What would be your dream shoot?

Now that is a hard one, there is one I've been meaning to do for a while, but ate all the supplies. It's a american beauty shoot with a twist :)

When it comes to modeling what boundaries do you have? Like what types of shoots won't you do, etc...

I like to try new things when it comes to modelling, I do have limits, but wouldnt say no to trying most things, and if during the shoot I was uncomortable I would ask to stop and carry on differently.

What drew you to modeling?

It was something I had always wanted to try, and by chance I met my friend and fellow Model/Photographer Alix Kober. She said she'd love to do a shoot with me and thought I had a great look, and it all happened from there.

Who are you inspired by most, model or not, dead or alive?

I absolutley adore Mosh and masumi max. But also i've met some absolutley gorgeous models right here in Wales, who I support in all they do and they all work so hard! My favourite Welsh models are Alix Kober, Nancy Harry, Alice Cat and Lady Noctis, I love how different they all are, and inspire me to try different things with my own modelling.

You have a blog, what would people be reading about if they read your blog? 

The would come to the conclusion that I am slightly odd, I have a great love of most things zombie, and I'm full of useless facts that noone would ever need to know, but I enjoy anyway. oh, and that I like Lolcats.

Let's talk tea, what's your favorite? (I personally like earl grey) 

I adore a cup of earl grey, so much so that I don't really enjoy drinking the usual brands of tea anymore. I don't really like fruit teas because they make me really thirsty, but I like the smell. and I recently tried Lady grey, which is also really nice.

Is there anything you would like to add or promote?

I would like to say that I've entered Miss Alternative Uk, and if you so wish then you can go to my facebook fan page, and find a link to vote for me. Thanks for giving me a chance to interview with you, I love the page, and think what you do for alternative models is awesome, keep up the amazing work! also its a bit naughty, but one of my favorite bands from Wales, Colours of One.

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Model Interview: Wenchi

Photo: Randy Wentzel

It is rare to find a model who fuses mainstream and alternative modeling, Wenchi has managed to do just that. Her thought provoking photos could easily be found in the latest Vogue magazine all while gracing the pages of more alternative magazines like Gothic Beauty. 

Like most of the models on this site, Wenchi is more than just a pretty face, she is studying Biochemistry at Santa Rosa Junior College. That isn't the end of what sets Wenchi apart from other models, she also has been a Canvass Trainer at Sonoma County Conservation Action since 2009 as well as being involved in other causes. Taking all the above into consideration, I would say that this was a very informative interview not only about Wenchi's modeling but, her views on life as well. It really speaks to the type of person she is and I would like to thank her for doing the interview and giving such in depth answers.

Black Lotus Clothing 2010

What's the meaning behind your model alias?

Well, I was in eighth grade, being the dirty goth girl only two other lovely weirdos wanted to hang out with with me and we had our bomb squad. Well I was "wench" and they were my "motherfuckers". Amanda was Mofo 3.7 and Jessica was Mofo 2.9 and well, I was Wench. It sticks til now with them, but in the modeling world I have developed a creature spurring from those crazy years.

Is it safe to say you are a high fashion alternative model? If not how would you define your modeling?

I'd say it's safe, but somewhat incomplete to call me a high fashion alternative model. I'm a hybrid, a chameleon. I'd say along the lines of a high fashion alternative art model :)

Name something most people wouldn't guess about you.

I have a strange obsession with having to scratch glossy or matte scotch tape off of anywhere it shouldn't be anymore. It really, really bothers me for some reason.

How long have you been modeling?

I had my first couple photoshoots and a "pageant" when I was in seventh grade and got deterred "see 8" until I was 16 and then I studied fashion, designed some clothing and though about starting modeling once I was out of school. May 2007 I was in my first local fashion show and my modeling took off since then.

What drew you to modeling?

I love being able to portray any emotion or sybolism and seeing it captured. Even if it's what I call "my ugly faces". I make some pretty funny faces and have way too many pictures from shoots that are all too hilarious to post :)

What would be your dream shoot?

Well, my dear friend Wolfie and I are waiting for when lovely Julia Comita visits San Francisco in May we are doing a tye dyed ballgown saran wrap shoot after she finishes her internship at Vogue. She left 1/7, so we have some beautiful planning to do til May.

I see that you do implied nudity, how do you deal with the people who see you as a 'piece of meat' as a result of it?

If anyone doesn't understand art, that's their problem. They can piss off.

Photo: Julia Comita

I read that you are only 5' 6", how has your height affected your modeling, good or bad?

So, when I was 13 and did that pageant I got a 1st runner up out of 30 some odd girls. I was super excited, but when they had me see the agents afterwards they were very concerned for my height and let my parents know. When I got contacted a week later to submit my headshots, my mum got cold feet because she knew I was always going to be on the abnormally tiny size. So, in short I didn't get to continue modeling until later on and the same height problem has persisted. Also since my measurements are so small around, most designers clothes hang like bags on me. living 5'6" 26-22-33 is a trip.

I see that you are an activist, name a few causes you feel passionate about.

Civil liberties in all forms is my biggest issue. I'm very excited "Don't Ask" got repealed, but disappointed that we haven't started tackling the "Defense of Marriage Act". It's a disgusting disregard to any states allowing equal marriage for all. Segregation of any kind really bothers me, especially when a "social status" or being loaded with cash makes people treat you differently. Since September 2009 I have been working for Sonoma County Conservation Action doing Field Canvassing and training on Sonoma County environmental issues, which is just common sense when I think about it. 

Is there anything that you would like to add/promote?

Dear, thank you so much for all of this :) I'd like to know what everyone thinks of my portfolios on my website, I just recently finished building it. Please, also let me know if any of you all want to buy prints! I haggle depending on how far I have to ship and how many you want :) Since my gallery showing is going on, any left over photos will be up for sale, some framed, some unframed, whichever you prefer really.

Also, if you're on Model Mayhem, add me, I wanna see your art! 

Wenchi's Gallery Showing Poster

Photo: Randy Wentzel

Photo: Steven Gelberg

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Model Interview: Siren

Siren has been modeling of and on for a few years now however, she just joined TAMD recently. She chose the perfect alias though, with her soul piercing eyes and you classic beauty she is definitely a force to be reckoned with. I can't wait to see what she has in store for us in the future, she is one model I will be keeping and eye on. Feast you eyes upon and hear the call of Siren!

What's the story behind your model alias? 

Sirens are known for drawing people to their death by their songs. I love the thought of drawing people in, not to keep them, but to destroy them. That and I used to sing a lot. I was top soprano in my class and was asked to sing the national anthem at my graduation. (turned that down because of my horrible stage fright)

I read you like Disney Princess's, who's your favorite? Why?

I LOVE Belle. She is without a doubt my favorite.  She cared more about her dreams than pleasing others to fit in. I would think most people on this site would be able to relate. 

Got any words or philosophies you live by?

Honestly, I have no quotes or anything. But, I try to live my life very carefree and openly, with hopes that people will be honest with me. I have found that the more willing you are to accept people for who and what they are, they are less likely to feel the need to lie to you. I would rather hear a truth that would hurt me than hear a lie that would make me feel better.

What drew you to modeling? 

I used to hate getting my picture taken (especially the nice, smiley ones), and would try to ignore the fact that there was a camera there. Turns out I took better pictures when I didnt think about it, than when I did. Now that I have found what works for me and makes me comfortable I love being in front of the camera, even behind it as well. 

What is your dream shoot? 

I really want to do an Ophelia from Hamlet shoot, after she drowned. I wanted to do a Disney Princess one too, but I already got an offer to do that soon. I wont be Belle though :(

Who are some of your favorite models, past or present?

Got to love Betty Paige and Dita Von Teese.

What makes sets you apart from other models in your opinion? 

I really do not think I am all that special. I just try to have as much fun with it as I can while expressing what I find beautiful.

Other than modeling what else do you spend your time doing? 

Being a single mom, student, and a good friend takes up most of my time. I'm surprised I even have time for modeling! I sometimes get a chance to take my horse out for a ride, or work with my friends crazy horses that need special attention. 

I read on your profile that you are studying at Salter College, what are you studying?

Medical Assisting, then hopefully go to night school for nursing while I work as a medical assistant. Small steps though.

Is there anything you would like to add and/or promote?

I'm always looking for more people to work with, especially fashion designers or metal bands. 

Siren 2010

Siren 2010

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