Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Model Interview: Willow Rose

Willow Rose is a classic beauty in every sense. She is also one of the sweetest models I have ever had the chance to interact with. Her love for helping others helps her stand out as does her high quality portfolio packed with both sensual and "girl next door" looks. The photo below is my favorite of Willow, for now I'm sure and shows the classic beauty of the talented Willow Rose. 

Photo by: Ian Wilson

What is the story behind your model alias?

My model name is inspired from nature not ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ (Yes, I’ve been asked!) ‘Willow’ is inspired from the ‘willow tree’. This tree represents bending and forgiving (the traits I wanted to acquire.) ‘Rose’ is inspired from love, as rose’s present love. This is the one thing that can heal or destroy us.  Also I think that this name has a ‘Victorian, burlesque, gothic’ essence to it. (Don’t you agree?)

What drew you to the world of alternative modeling?

Well, I’m far too small (5”2 1/2) for high fashion/catwalk modeling. Although I have done ‘petite style’ fashion modeling. I find that alternative modeling is much more creative, as it is mainly art not advertising. (Alternative modeling can be used for advertising too.) (So it can be a little bit on the offensive side.) I also treat modeling as a form of “creating art” because it is my hobby (but I am hoping to get something serious out of it, and see how far I can take it.)

What do you feel are the benefits and disadvantages of being in the alternative modeling world?
The benefits are:
v More creative (as I discussed.)
v More self-accepting e.g. plus-size modeling.

The disadvantages are:
v Can be restrictive e.g. if the person isn’t versatile (only sticking to one genre.)

How has your family responded to your style of modeling?

My family is very supportive with my modeling. I share my modeling work with them. They are supportive of my nude modeling too, as they have seen examples of work, and they understand that I have my limits.

Let's talk about Lady Rose Promotions, why did you start it and what are your hopes for it?

Lady Rose Promotions first started off as a Photo Album on my Facebook fan page. It was named ‘Friends of Willow Rose’ and it was put together to promote other models, photographers, make-up artists, hair stylists, artists, bands etc. Then I created a fan page for ‘Friends of Willow Rose.’ As I thought this would be much better for the people I am promoting, as they could have their own photo album to show a selection of their work. I decided to re-name ‘Friends of Willow Rose’ to ‘Lady Rose Promotions.’ I thought it was much better as the name says exactly what the ‘organisation is about and it still has my ‘trade mark’ name.
I want Lady Rose Promotions to grow bigger and become more well-known; it will promote a lot of people/groups, and it have sponsors’ or associates to keep it running as it will be free for people to get promoted.

You do nude work, do you still feel nervous even though you have done it a few times already?

Working nude never makes me feel nervous anymore. The only thing that makes me feel nervous is meeting new people, as first impressions last forever.

You have been modeling for 1-2 years now, what advice could you give to aspiring models who don't know where to start?

1.     Talk to models who already model.
2.     Research modeling including: safety, photo shoots, poses, tips etc.
3.     Work with photographers on a TFCD (Time for CD) basis to build up your portfolio for “free.” You can find photographers on websites such as
4.     Be professional: Always ensure you turn up on time to photo shoots and ensure you are prepared.
5.     Be safe.. (I know I have already covered this.. But it is very important!)

Besides modeling what do you do in your spare time?

I take care of my pets, draw and paint, play the violin, watch TV, go to the  cinemas, go to concerts and listen to music etc.

What is one thing that your fans wouldn't guess about you?

I don’t think you would have guessed that..
I am very passionate about the environment and animals. I studied Animal Care and Animal Management at college, and I will be going to University later this year to study Zoological Conservation. Conservation is about conserving the animal and its environment, and I am very excited about studying this! I love animals (more than humans in most cases) and I live with 2 cats (a Pedigree British Shorthair female called Velvet, and a non-pedigree Domestic Shorthair male called Midnight.) 2 female hairless rats (named Amethyst and Luna.) and finally two pet fish (who don’t have names, yet?)  

Finally, is there anything you would like to promote or add?

I would like to thank everyone for their ongoing support. I would like to promote my blog and YouTube ChannelAs I hope to be using both of them more this year! (Suggestions are most welcome!)


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