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Model Interviews: Part 2 of 2: Joan V

Joan was born and raised in Winnipeg, MB, Canada and is a Mature Published, Professional Alternative Model, with over 20 years of modeling experience. She began amateur modeling at the age of 18, in the Petite mainstream genre, but realized that her Gothic/Punk rock lifestyle, love of the music, lifestyle, and fashion, was her " True Self", so she made the transition to Alternative Modeling in her mid-20's.

She was also in a Punk rock band called "The Strange Neighbors", from 1983 to 1988, singing vocals and playing keyboards.

Her love of Alt Fashion, and being in front of the camera since 18 years of age, gives her her true sense of creative expression in photographic art and modeling!

Her favorite modeling genres are: Goth, Punk, Metal, Victorian, Steampunk, Visual Kei, Lolita, Glam, Fashion, Cosplay, and Fetish.

Now at age 45, she works hard to keep herself in good shape, and plans on modeling for as long as she possibly can! It is still a great passion of hers, and she loves every minute of it!  She is currently a member of Goth/Industrial Band, Groit! (Keyboardist)  Joan is also a classically trained pianist, and also plays the harpsichord, pipe organ, and electronic keyboards.

She is a featured model for Alternative Models by Entity International, The Alternative Directory, Gorgeous FreaksCurvy and Rocker Pinups, & Peroxide and Garlic International Alternative Models.

Alternative fashion sites where her photos can be found are : Ms Purdy on Etsy, Retroscope Fashions, Supervixens Boudoir Photography, Janzen Photography, Recollections, Art of Adornnment, and De Poppenkraal. 

Joan is available for photo shoot bookings on a flexible schedule and compensation basis! (TF included!)

TAD: What is the story behind your alias?
Joan:  I'm actually known by 2 aliases!  Joan V was the name I used since I was 18 years old , and still a fledgling alternative model. The "V" stands for "Vamp".   "Stiletto 13" was my Punker name , as I was a keyboardist in a band called "The Strange Neighbors"!  LOL! My best friend at the time called me "Stiletto 13" because my favourite lucky number is 13 , and I love high-heeled shoes and sharp stabbing implements! (as well as head amputating , but that's a story for a different interview!)  

TAD: Since you have been modeling for over 20 years, what advice could you give to the aspiring models?
Joan: If you're just starting out , please do find reputable professional photographers ( even ones that are close to being professional!) , and get good quality photos taken of you , at your best angles , in different scenarios , and styles of clothing. - Start your Portfolio as soon as possible . It helps to find photographers who are looking to also expand their own Portfolios for TF !  That way , if you're on a limited budget , you can still get started with some talented artists, and get images of good quality.

  • Do as many photo shoots as you can manage! Practice will improve your posing and modelling skills. Start with at least 5 to 10 good photo shoots. 
  • Do your research!! Find out who the photographers and makeup artists are, and what their work is like! Are they professional? ALWAYS take an escort with you on your shoots! They ensure your personal safety on set, and also make great assistants at the shoots! Stay away from anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable, or is flaky and undependable.
  • Always sign a model release form on every shoot, so you know what you and the photographer expect from each project.
  • Figure out ways to promote yourself and your work. Find Alternative Modelling sites, directories, agencies, or networks that you like to work with. Enter contests after you feel confident enough!  They are good tests to see how people react to you as a model, and your quality of work. 
  • Always ask questions!! It will save you time, money, and emotional resources. If your gut tells you something is wrong , then listen to it!  
  • Although Alternative Modelling is a lot of fun, it is also hard work! Keep yourself in good shape, take good care of your skin always, drink lots of water, eat well, and get enough rest before a shoot. Be prepared for anything on set, and always bring extra outfits and accessories just in case. Your makeup kit is indispensable for touch-ups! Always prepare for your next shoot and plan everything out in advance. Always be a bit early; never be late!  
  • Although many of your family and friends will be supportive of your work as a model, some won't be! Be prepared for this! I have lost some friends along the way, as my career has advanced. This is sad, but you will always learn something valuable with each experience. You must develop a tough skin, emotionally. Never listen to criticism that is not constructive and positive! Some people will needlessly insult you or be envious, so just ignore them and continue working hard!!
  • Always have a positive attitude, be flexible, responsible and reasonably easy to work with!  Be professional and genuine. Always be open to learning new things and improving yourself. Always be yourself!
  • And MOST of all, try to remain as humble as possible! Other artists and people don't enjoy working with models who are arrogant, or act like drama queens!! It won't help your career one bit!

TAD: You did artistic nudes in your younger days, do you regret those now? Why did you stop?
Joan: Ah , the days of my youth and nude photos!  Actually , I have NO regrets posing nude whatsoever!  I used to pose for Fine Arts students at the University of Manitoba as a part-time job , while I was studying Music there , and nothing has ever given me cause to regret anything I've done to this date!  I don't bare all anymore , due to fact that I had some surgeries done in the past 10 years that have left scars. That , plus , your body does go through changes as you mature!  ; ) I do partial nudity on and also for artistic modelling shoots now.

TAD: What can we expect from you in 2011?
Joan: In 2011, I will be modelling for Hungover Empire Alternative Clothing, Blanche's Place, JupiterStorm Upcycled Jewelry, and Ruffles and Stripes! I'll be featured in the Spring/Summer Issue of Alt Fashion Magazine, which I am REALLY excited about!! I'll also be featured on: Sublime Rush Magazine (Apr., 2011 - Issue 07), Voltcase Online Magazine (Issue pending), and FaceOn Magazine (Issue pending). This year, I'll be on the Cover of a new CD album release and band promo video. Those will be surprises!  ; ) Plus, more conceptual shoots that I have planned for this year! Look out for those, and more Fashion shoots for various alternative companies and designers! I'll continue my work with, as it's a lot of fun! 

TAD: Do you want to promote or add anything?
Joan: Yes , I would like to thank all of my family, my awesome boyfriend, Zlatan, friends and fans for their ongoing support! I especially appreciate all of the photographers, designers, models, and makeup artists whom I have had the honor to work with since my modelling comeback in May, 2009!  You're the ones that keep me going in my career!!  Being a mature Alternative model is not always easy. Not everyone appreciates women of a more mature age, or of a different look. You have all made my return to modelling more than worthwhile, and your positive energy and support fuels me to keep on going forward!  8D

Model Interviews: Part 1 of 2: Digger

2010 was the year of the zombie, Digger not only won our "Faces of TAMD/Holiday Contest" but he also won the Zombie Attack Gear's Sexiest Zombie contest, another photo contest that earned him his own zombie cookie, & the Camera Obscura Terrifying Costume Contest. He also appeared in his first music video with the band Whiskey HellChild So, one could only ask how is Digger going to top last year? Well we will get to his response in a minute, but first let's get to know the man behind the zombie.

Dead Kingdom Entertainment
TAD: Give me a short bio about yourself.
Digger: I'm the proud father of an 11 year old son, Trey. I'm a Capricorn, I enjoy moonlit walks in the cemetery, watching horror movies and getting tattooed. I have worked in the local music scene, here in NC, since 1985. I have worked gigs with national acts including: Pantera, Alice In Chains, Warrant, Death, Prong and a few others. I'm very new to the modeling world and hope to expand my portfolio to include more than just horror themed shots. I'm looking forward to what the future will bring.

TAD: What's the story behind your alias?
Digger: I have worked with several local bands in NC. In 2008, my best friend Scott, a.k.a. Scurvy became the bassist for a band called The Graveyard Boulevard. Everyone in the group has an alias. So I joined them as part of the road crew and would sometimes do small skits during the live show as Digger. My best friend, Stacey, also the bassist wife was given the name Grave and myself Digger. Together we were the road crew/extras for the bands live shows known as "Grave Digger Union Local 666" which I still use to promote my zombie events and modeling.

TAD: What is it about zombies that interest you?
Digger: I have always been a horror fan... Clive Barker, Stephen King and so many others. In 2008, I went to my first charity zombie walk in Charlotte, NC. TGB was booked to play the after party.  It was so much fun: the walk, the live music, and by the end of the set Grave had struck me in the chest, with an axe, splattering blood everywhere, then I pretend to fall dead, then she stuffed me into a body bag and drug me off the stage. From that night on the zombie virus had me! In late 2009 another friend of mine, Mike Knox, started a film festival in Kannapolis, NC., Modern Film Fest. MFF gave me the chance to organize a zombie themed costume contest to promote their late night, opening day screening of George A. Romero's 1968 Night Of The Living Dead. I called it "Zombies' Night Out" and I continue to use ZNO as the name for my charity zombie events promo company. After these two events and more than two years working with several other events, fetish shows and bands gigs, the photos of me as a zombie were mind blowing to me. Then I started to work with liquid latex and other techniques to help Digger evolve to the next level of death. 

TAD: What would be your dream shoot?
Digger: Wow, tough one! So many things come to my mind. Obviously to be cast in a zombie role in a movie would have to be mentioned. To be killed by Alice in Resident Evil 6 or 7 (LOL)! At this early point in my male modeling I am interested in just trying to get started and branching out. Hence the remake shoot ideas floating around. I would really love to do a shoot as Ming The Merciless Emperor Of Mongo from the Flash Gordon movie! Other ideas are in the works and I hope to have some of them in my portfolio this year. I'm not going to rush them, because I want every project I do to be the best possible and we all know that good things sometimes take time to achieve. I will be shooting an Aleister Crowley remake session, with King Johnson of Dead Kingdom Entertainment, very soon!   

Dead Kingdom Entertainment

TAD: 2010 was truly the year of Digger, what are your hopes for 2011?
Digger: Yes, Digger won 4 contests last year! I had my zombie face on a cookie, was named Sexiest Zombie for Zombie Attack Gear, Best Male Model for TAMD, and a video contest for applying my FX make up! Plus I made my music video premier, as a southern preacher, in Whiskey Hell Child's latest music video. Last year was great and sort of maps out some of how this year will flow as well. I will kick off zombie walk season this spring going down to the 4th Annual Myrtle Beach Zombie Walk in SC. I have been asked to be one of the leaders for this years walk. I'm also one of the event sponsors with my Coffin Mirrors company. (Yes, I cut custom coffin shaped mirrors, check out my app store on FB) After last years MBZW, they inspired me to come home and I started my own zombie walk(s) with the help of great friends. So both of our events will return this year as well. All I can do is hope for the best for Digger in the future. 

Reuben Long Photography

TAD: Why did you name your fan page "Digger's Bloody Tampon Look"?
Digger: It's kinda a funny story. The pictures of me from that first walk in Myrtle Beach last year, with the noose around the neck, and all that blood running down that shirt! It just looked like I was a big bloody tampon, and myself and others had joked about it. Plus I must add that I started that page as a ZOMBIE page for Digger. At the time I did not consider what I was doing to be modeling. It wasn't until later in the year that I entered the TAMD contest and was dubbed a male model. Should I start a new page? It's a hard choice with over 666 fans on the current page. But it would seem to me that anyone with some what of a sense of humor should get the joke after viewing the noose pictures. Again... I can only hope.

Dead Kingdom Entertainment

TAD Note: I find Digger's fan page's name to be funny, and yes I agree that the noose around his neck in most photos looks like the string from a Digger, change your tampon, I think it's leaking..haha. I wouldn't worry about changing the name though, it's original and fun to read.

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Model Interviews: Part 2 of 2, Ruby Jewel, Trioblóid, & Ashley Franci

So here is part 2 of this weeks model interviews, featuring Ruby Jewel, Triobloid, & Ashley Franci. First up is Ruby Jewel, a model who produces both innovative and creative photos. Whether it is portraying a ghost in a abandoned asylum or a pinup shot in a studio, Ruby Jewels photos are not to be missed.

DeclineGothica, Dave Charsley

Photographer: Rich Swash

What's the story behind your model alias?

It took me a long time to work out what I was going to call myself, but I am a fan of country music and I came across a song about a child prostitute who gets hung for murder called ruby jewel, and I thought that would be perfect

What can we expect from you in 2011?

As soon as the weather warms up i'm going to be looking to do more exciting location shoots, I'll be hopefully doing more as a Bizarre UltraVixen, i am in this years cover girl contest, I have a feature coming out later in the year with and willl also be appearing alot more on

What would be your dream shoot?

There are soo many, last year I managed to achive my dream shoot of a fetish shoot in an abandoned Asylum and have now done 3 or 4 of them with an incredibly talented photographer, so now I've managed that I guess my dream shoot at the moment would be a medical themed shoot with Latex and needles.

Rich Swash 

What drew you to alternative modeling?

Dressing up! I have always been a huge lover of costumes and dressing up, and I have always been drawn to the darker things in life so it seemed to come natrually, I never really decided to do alt modelling, it just sort of happened, and now its like breathing to me, I couldn't live without it.

DeclineGothica, Dave Charsley

Tom Whittaker

Rich Swash 

Is there anything you would like to promote?

I would like to promote a fab new site where I have a full feature coming out in April, the site has monthly features starting this month and I think what they are doing is fantastic, really, genuinly creative stuff, not just tits and arse or an alt version of nuts, this is real alternative modelling at its best.

Rich Swash 

Rich Swash 

Chris Lee Yarwood

Triobloid is a colorful model full of potential. Through her photos you can easily see her fun and energetic nature, something that I think all photographers will find refreshing. 

What's the story behind your model alias?

Well for a wee while now people that have met me have referred to me as "trouble", but having searched various model sites and pages I discovered that there were already other girls using this as their alais, so as my dad's Irish, making me part Irish I thought I would look up trouble in Irish Gealic, and so Triobloid was discovered xD

What can we expect from you in 2011?

As of yet im not too sure, I have recently started pole dancing as an excersise form and I'm hoping that this, coupled with healthier eating, will lead to that slimmer body that I dream of, and this of course will lead to me having more self confidence to be able to possibly work with latex and similar fabrics, as well as more underwear stuff.

What would be your dream shoot?

Something spectacular, subtly sexy and full of attitude, not not entirely sure exactly what just yet, I'll let you know when I do. 

What drew you to alternative modeling?

Well, I have always had pretty low self confidence and believe it or not I still do, but a friend of mine often attends open evenings and such at a local studio and I just thought to myself "why not, maybe it'll help me feel better about myself as a whole" and it really has! I have always also been rather envious of all the alt models that I see amazing pictures of and have always been one of those "oh if I was only pretty/skinny/confident enough" kinda girls, but sometimes you just have to make that jump from wishing and dreaming to actually doing! 

Is there anything you would like to promote?

Anything me really, dreads, tattoo, piercings and fun xD
I would just love to be "the face" of something, as it were, the one person everyone thinks of when its mentioned, thats the dream, wish me luck xD

Ashley Franci is up next and what better way to learn about her then from the lady herself.


I am 21 years old and live with my husband north of Dallas, TX.
I have only been modeling since July 2010. It was actually kind of an accident! I won a photoshoot in May with Wert Whirl in San Antonio, TX for a 1940s potrait shoot. My husband has always loved pin ups, so we decided while we were there to get some more pictures done. I got really great feedback from the photographer and makeup artist, and had a total blast during the shoot. When I got the photos back, I posted them on Facebook and everyone else loved them just as much as I did. I then posted them on Model Mayhem, just to see where it would go. It's all uphill from there! I've gotten the opportunity to work with some amazing photographers and artists, and I've enjoyed every minute of it. I specialize in pin up and old hollywood glamour modeling, but I can pull off just about anything! I like shooting things out of the ordinary, that grab people's attention. Modeling is definitely art to me, and I love it. I have two large tattoos that cover a good portion of each of my upper arms, and a few smaller ones strategically placed. Hopefully more coming soon!

Warren Harris
What's the story behind your model alias? 
I don't have one! Ashley Franci is my real, married name. I couldn't think of anything good for an alias, so you get my boring name!
What can we expect from you in 2011?
Quite a bit, I hope! I've already been featured in a few publications so far this year, and I bet you'll see much more of me. I'm a shameless self-promoter, so get ready!
What would be your dream shoot? 
There are so many I'd like to do... But I think I'll keep that myself, for creativity and orginality's sake! 
What drew you to alternative modeling?
With my tattoos, there's not really anywhere else I fit. I also don't want to feel like I fit any one thing too much. I like to do my own thing, and don't want to feel limited.
Is there anything you would like to promote? 
Just my website. Anything and everything you need to know, including credits, can be found there!

TLC Family Photography

TLC Family Photography
Links pertaining to Ashley's Photos:

Model Interviews: Part 1 of 2, Black Lily, sLayer, & Little Miss Violence

I like to keep things fresh around here so that people don't get tired of the same thing over and over again, that is why this week we will be featuring 5-6 models instead of the normal 1.

First up is Black Lily, as gorgeous as her namesake Black Lily is more of a feminine alternative model. Artistic and Beauty are the main genres you can find in Black Lily's port, however she is open to all genres so don't be afraid to contact her with all types of ideas.


I have been modelling for 8 months now, doing a variety of different styles, from fashion through to fetish and fantasy with the alias of Black Lily. The name came about in quite an uninteresting way in that Lily's are my favourite flowers and I wanted it to sound a little more alternative. 

I began modelling as a branch off of my performing arts, which I have been doing for 8 years including dance, singing and acting.

Dance plays quite a key role for me, being the main way in which I relax (I know, it sounds odd). My dancing ranges from ballet and belly dancing through to burlesque and a new style which I have recently discovered, Industrial. I think my favourite is definately belly dancing though, because it can be smooth and calm as well as fast paced and energetic, and always very sexy.

With my modelling, I want to show other women that have children that it doesn't stop you being beautiful or stunning.

My dream photoshoot would be essentially a cosplay type shoot. With a fire and weapons, think World of Warcraft rogues. I think that would be my dream shoot.

Jimmy's Photography

Terry 20 Photography

Next up is a model who is new to TAMD, sLayer, with the same name as one of the most influential metal bands you should be into the darker side of modeling right? Yes, and this lovely rocker chick doesn't disappoint, this doesn't stop her from dabbling in the gothic genre of modeling though.

Vee Tulloch
What's the story behind your model alias? 

My first initial and my married name (as of june 2011), people put the two together and have started calling me "sLayer" already.

What can we expect from you in 2011?

 More unique photos as usual, hopefully a big publication - I'm working on it, and I will be featured in local band, Nocturnal Divinity's next music video - shot by a colleague.

What would be your dream shoot? 

An eccentric Galliano dress shot by Annie Leibovitz!

What drew you to alternative modeling? 

Photographer TJ Pendragon introduced me to it by taking the first photoshoots of me.

Is there anything you would like to promote? 

My Model Mayhem &  Youtube  (videos I've made and where I will be posting the ones I will be featured in)

Pendragon Photography

Our final model in Part 1 of our weekly interviews is Little Miss Violence, a model who just looks like she could kick your ass and enjoy doing it. Even though she looks like she's ready for violence, she still delivers quality photos like a pro.

What's the story behind your model alias? 

I wanted something that sounded fun and (almost) cute :P But at the same time I wanted something with a darker, more edgy side. So I tried to combine the two :D

What can we expect from you in 2011? 

I already have sooo much planned for 2011 it's unreal. I'm awaiting my shoot to become an official Apocalypse Girl and I've got applications for Women of the Metal Army and the Suicide Girls to sort out too! As far as current shoots go, I've got themes including alt fashion, lingerie, fetish and gore planned. But I don't want to give too much away. That would ruin the surprise ;D

What would be your dream shoot? 

My dream shoot would involve a fetish/bondage theme, with tonnes of fake blood and rage!

What drew you to alternative modeling? 

When I was home over Christmas, one of my friends urged me to do it. I thought "why not. I've got nothing to loose!" So I went for it. It's been one of the best things I've ever done :)

Is there anything you would like to promote?

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Model Interview: Elena Bathory

When I think of alternative/metal model I instantly think of Elena Bathory, after all she was the first alternative model I was introduced to on Myspace. What got my attention was her long black hair and blasphemous photos, for those who know me blasphemy is one of my favorite activities. She soon became one of my favorite models, being featured in my The Uncensored and The Uninhibited Series, becoming one of my Blasphemy Dolls, and one of the first models to be added to TAMD, even as I write this I can say that I am excited to see the photos she has sent me for this interview. Elena never disappoints her fans when it comes to delivering outstanding photos of quality and beauty which, is why she is a fan favorite.

Sean Ranieri

What is the meaning behind your model alias?

My modeling name is my middle name and Bathory is taken from the Hungarian 
Countess Erzsébet (Elizabeth) Báthory. She murdered over 600 girls and bathed in 
their blood because she believed it would restore her youth. I am fascinated by 
her and the fact that she was the world's first female serial killer.

Your a metal model, do you like all the bands you have modeled for thus far?

I sure do! I don't model for bands that I don't like. When I do merchandise 
modeling for a band I also like promoting them and their music. I wouldn't 
promote a band I'm not in to.

How did you get your start in the modeling business?

I have wanted to be a model since I was about 7 years old. I grew up and 
realized I didn't fit the standard, typical model so I let that dream go for 
awhile. Then I got into the alternative scene and through myspace I saw that 
there were pages dedicated to alternative models and beauty. So, I got excited 
and started working on my dream again of becoming a model.

What can we expect from as opposed to what is already on

You can expect to see tons of exclusive photos not seen anywhere else including 
my erotic nude sets. Also, fetish videos and fans will be able to purchase 
uncensored photos and posters of me.

What advice would you give to an up and coming model who wants to do what you do? Specifically, becoming a Merch model for metal bands.

I would tell them to be assertive and contact bands that they would want to work 
for. Also, keep an eye out for modeling contests that bands will sometimes have.

Kaostika Studios; Elena for Blasphemous Creation

Has there ever been a time in your modeling career where you just wanted to 
say "fuck it"?

Only once for about two seconds lol. When I started getting stalked and harassed 
by two other models, I started to see how ugly the industry can be. I can't 
stand jealousy among females, especially other artists, but I realized in this 
industry you have to have a thick skin and the haters in the end gave me even 
more motivation to keep doing what I love to do. The best revenge is to stay 
focused in your work and keep doing amazing things:)

People often assume that because your a metal model that you worship Satan,do you consider yourself a Satanist? If not, how do you deal with people who think you are and if so, what misconception would you like to lay to rest?

I worship evil he he, but I'm not a Satanist. I don't really have people coming 
up to me asking me if I'm a satanist. To me Satanism is like another form of 
religion and I loathe religions. 

Alan Pedroso

As a little girl growing up did you listen to metal?

As a kid in the 80's I listened to a lot of hair/glam metal and classics like 
Van Halen, Motley Crue and Skid Row because my brother used to watch their 
videos on TV. As I grew into my teenage years I started getting into the more 
heavier metal.

Who do you draw inspiration from in the modeling community?

I am a huge fan of Masuimi Max! I'm also a big fan of Madeleine Horn.
I also get my inspiration from my fans. There are a few close fans out there who 
have always shown me great support. You know who you are!:)

Is there anything that you would like to add or promote?

I would like to promote my t-shirt/underwear line, Metal Vixen Threads. I just 
revealed a new design that I will soon be looking for a gorgeous model to model 
it for me:) You can check out the new design on my blog.
Sean Ranieri
Flybynight Studios

Bob Coulter

Dengrove Studios

Anilom Nor
For more info/photos visit:

Metal Vixen Threads: