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Model Interviews: Part 1 of 2: Digger

2010 was the year of the zombie, Digger not only won our "Faces of TAMD/Holiday Contest" but he also won the Zombie Attack Gear's Sexiest Zombie contest, another photo contest that earned him his own zombie cookie, & the Camera Obscura Terrifying Costume Contest. He also appeared in his first music video with the band Whiskey HellChild So, one could only ask how is Digger going to top last year? Well we will get to his response in a minute, but first let's get to know the man behind the zombie.

Dead Kingdom Entertainment
TAD: Give me a short bio about yourself.
Digger: I'm the proud father of an 11 year old son, Trey. I'm a Capricorn, I enjoy moonlit walks in the cemetery, watching horror movies and getting tattooed. I have worked in the local music scene, here in NC, since 1985. I have worked gigs with national acts including: Pantera, Alice In Chains, Warrant, Death, Prong and a few others. I'm very new to the modeling world and hope to expand my portfolio to include more than just horror themed shots. I'm looking forward to what the future will bring.

TAD: What's the story behind your alias?
Digger: I have worked with several local bands in NC. In 2008, my best friend Scott, a.k.a. Scurvy became the bassist for a band called The Graveyard Boulevard. Everyone in the group has an alias. So I joined them as part of the road crew and would sometimes do small skits during the live show as Digger. My best friend, Stacey, also the bassist wife was given the name Grave and myself Digger. Together we were the road crew/extras for the bands live shows known as "Grave Digger Union Local 666" which I still use to promote my zombie events and modeling.

TAD: What is it about zombies that interest you?
Digger: I have always been a horror fan... Clive Barker, Stephen King and so many others. In 2008, I went to my first charity zombie walk in Charlotte, NC. TGB was booked to play the after party.  It was so much fun: the walk, the live music, and by the end of the set Grave had struck me in the chest, with an axe, splattering blood everywhere, then I pretend to fall dead, then she stuffed me into a body bag and drug me off the stage. From that night on the zombie virus had me! In late 2009 another friend of mine, Mike Knox, started a film festival in Kannapolis, NC., Modern Film Fest. MFF gave me the chance to organize a zombie themed costume contest to promote their late night, opening day screening of George A. Romero's 1968 Night Of The Living Dead. I called it "Zombies' Night Out" and I continue to use ZNO as the name for my charity zombie events promo company. After these two events and more than two years working with several other events, fetish shows and bands gigs, the photos of me as a zombie were mind blowing to me. Then I started to work with liquid latex and other techniques to help Digger evolve to the next level of death. 

TAD: What would be your dream shoot?
Digger: Wow, tough one! So many things come to my mind. Obviously to be cast in a zombie role in a movie would have to be mentioned. To be killed by Alice in Resident Evil 6 or 7 (LOL)! At this early point in my male modeling I am interested in just trying to get started and branching out. Hence the remake shoot ideas floating around. I would really love to do a shoot as Ming The Merciless Emperor Of Mongo from the Flash Gordon movie! Other ideas are in the works and I hope to have some of them in my portfolio this year. I'm not going to rush them, because I want every project I do to be the best possible and we all know that good things sometimes take time to achieve. I will be shooting an Aleister Crowley remake session, with King Johnson of Dead Kingdom Entertainment, very soon!   

Dead Kingdom Entertainment

TAD: 2010 was truly the year of Digger, what are your hopes for 2011?
Digger: Yes, Digger won 4 contests last year! I had my zombie face on a cookie, was named Sexiest Zombie for Zombie Attack Gear, Best Male Model for TAMD, and a video contest for applying my FX make up! Plus I made my music video premier, as a southern preacher, in Whiskey Hell Child's latest music video. Last year was great and sort of maps out some of how this year will flow as well. I will kick off zombie walk season this spring going down to the 4th Annual Myrtle Beach Zombie Walk in SC. I have been asked to be one of the leaders for this years walk. I'm also one of the event sponsors with my Coffin Mirrors company. (Yes, I cut custom coffin shaped mirrors, check out my app store on FB) After last years MBZW, they inspired me to come home and I started my own zombie walk(s) with the help of great friends. So both of our events will return this year as well. All I can do is hope for the best for Digger in the future. 

Reuben Long Photography

TAD: Why did you name your fan page "Digger's Bloody Tampon Look"?
Digger: It's kinda a funny story. The pictures of me from that first walk in Myrtle Beach last year, with the noose around the neck, and all that blood running down that shirt! It just looked like I was a big bloody tampon, and myself and others had joked about it. Plus I must add that I started that page as a ZOMBIE page for Digger. At the time I did not consider what I was doing to be modeling. It wasn't until later in the year that I entered the TAMD contest and was dubbed a male model. Should I start a new page? It's a hard choice with over 666 fans on the current page. But it would seem to me that anyone with some what of a sense of humor should get the joke after viewing the noose pictures. Again... I can only hope.

Dead Kingdom Entertainment

TAD Note: I find Digger's fan page's name to be funny, and yes I agree that the noose around his neck in most photos looks like the string from a Digger, change your tampon, I think it's leaking..haha. I wouldn't worry about changing the name though, it's original and fun to read.

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