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Model Interview: Lady Jezebel Hayze

Lady Jezebel proves that you can smoking hot at any age, this grandmother of 4 continues to impress us all with her classic pinup style and her witty charm. She may have started modeling a little late in the game but she arrived with a bang and making her presence known. She may do this for fun but, she takes it seriously and just became the UK Manager of MyEliteModels. I'm honored to know and promote Lady Jezebel, despite her name she is an utter sweetheart.

Lady Jezebel 2010
What is the story behind your model alias?

Well one of my favorite songs from childhood is a track by Frankie Laine called Jezebel, loved the track and loved the name, before I started modelling I had a leg pinup tattoo done and I named her Jezebel, so when I "accidentally" became a model what other name was there? It had to be Jezebel! It also begins with the same letter as my real name, Jeanie, and Hayze is a shortened version of my last name Hayward, with a Z thrown in to match the Z in Jezebel!  So, that is how I became Jezebel Hayze, I then became Lady Jezebel Hayze as a lot of my friends began calling me Lady J!! 

How has your age affected your modeling career?

My age does not seem to have affected my modelling in any adverse way it seems to be a bonus! Except that I need a lot of editing on the pics! lol  But, I have been welcomed into the modelling world and dont feel like an old lady when im in front of a camera ! I'm having a fantastic time, what better way to spend my retirement!! I was gobsmacked* when I found myself on the leaderboard for the Ultravixens competition and even more gobsmacked when I won!!!! That was a big turning point in my life and I thought "I can do this" so, im doing it and get very positive, kind, and supportive feedback. So, I'll just keep doing it til the kids shove me in an old peoples home!! lol. I must admit I was a bit worried starting at 47 in August 2010 (so im still new!!! ) when theres so many gorgeous young things out there but, can honestly say being 48 rocks!! 

Is modeling a hobby or more of a career for you?

Modelling is very much a hobby for me, I came to it late in life after retiring from work with the NHS early due to becoming disabled after an accident! For me it is a very enjoyable hobby, if a career comes from it then thats a bonus!

Where or who do you draw inspiration from, model or non?

I get my inspiration from those around me, from what I see everyday. Also from my childhood growing up in a post 50s era! Amazing music, fashion, and motorbikes!!  Shelly D'Inferno is an idol of mine, I adore her, and late greats like Marilyn Monroe & Bettie Page. Non model inspiration comes from people like Archibald McIndoe, a renowned and pioneering plastic surgeon, who help rebuild the faces of so many injured and burnt airmen during WW2. I have seen his techniques used in theatre first hand and wish I had known him and scrubbed in for surgery with him! 

If you could travel to one location in the world for your dream shoot where would it be and why?

If I could travel to a dream location I think it would be a 1950s hollywood film set or  somewhere with lots of vintage motorcyles!!

Besides modeling what do you do in your spare time?

Dont really have much spare time! I have 4 children, 4 grandchildren, and I'm very much the Matriarch of the family so, they keep me busy. I'm also UK manager for Myelite models and look after all the UK members. When I get chance I like to read, draw, write, and think of ideas for new shoots. I also edit my own pics so that keeps me very busy and currently I'm making firesticks for someone I will be teaching Fire Performance to!

The image I think of when I think Jezebel is the one with Bailey's, do you actually like drinking it?

I adore Baileys, it's my favourite drink!  Large glass over ice...ooh yum! So, yes I like it, very very much!! lol.

What can we expect from Lady Jezebel in the future?

For the future you can expect lots of new work, different styles, & genres, 2011 is the year of Lady J. I'm gonna be very busy and producing lots of new work and trying out lots of new ideas! So watch out for new stuff all through the year, just did a shoot with Rick Tampion! Hollywood! Lots more to come and I welcome any ideas!  New shoots booked for next few months so some exciting stuff to come! I'll be building up the UK side of MyElite Models as well!!

Can you explain your tattoo 'Dazed and Confused' a bit further, what it the meaning behind it?

Lol, Dazed and Confused!! This describes my state of mind most of the time, as I can be a bit scatty! (cos I'm a real blonde) But, it is also my favorite Led Zeppelin track ever, if you haven't heard it then its a must! Old skool rock!!

Is there anything you would like to promote and/or add?

I'd like to add a very big thank you to everybody who has welcomed me and supported me! Keep supporting me, I will give you lots of good stuff and make you proud!!  Thanks guys! I've met some truly awesome people that have rocked my world !  I'd like to promote where I am UK manager! I'm looking for lots more UK based male and female models as well as photographers to come on board with us and help the site expand into the UK so, get in touch or join up!!

Tampion 2011

Tampion 2011

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* Gobsmacked is an English term that just means astonished or astounded.

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