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Model Interview: Wenchi

Photo: Randy Wentzel

It is rare to find a model who fuses mainstream and alternative modeling, Wenchi has managed to do just that. Her thought provoking photos could easily be found in the latest Vogue magazine all while gracing the pages of more alternative magazines like Gothic Beauty. 

Like most of the models on this site, Wenchi is more than just a pretty face, she is studying Biochemistry at Santa Rosa Junior College. That isn't the end of what sets Wenchi apart from other models, she also has been a Canvass Trainer at Sonoma County Conservation Action since 2009 as well as being involved in other causes. Taking all the above into consideration, I would say that this was a very informative interview not only about Wenchi's modeling but, her views on life as well. It really speaks to the type of person she is and I would like to thank her for doing the interview and giving such in depth answers.

Black Lotus Clothing 2010

What's the meaning behind your model alias?

Well, I was in eighth grade, being the dirty goth girl only two other lovely weirdos wanted to hang out with with me and we had our bomb squad. Well I was "wench" and they were my "motherfuckers". Amanda was Mofo 3.7 and Jessica was Mofo 2.9 and well, I was Wench. It sticks til now with them, but in the modeling world I have developed a creature spurring from those crazy years.

Is it safe to say you are a high fashion alternative model? If not how would you define your modeling?

I'd say it's safe, but somewhat incomplete to call me a high fashion alternative model. I'm a hybrid, a chameleon. I'd say along the lines of a high fashion alternative art model :)

Name something most people wouldn't guess about you.

I have a strange obsession with having to scratch glossy or matte scotch tape off of anywhere it shouldn't be anymore. It really, really bothers me for some reason.

How long have you been modeling?

I had my first couple photoshoots and a "pageant" when I was in seventh grade and got deterred "see 8" until I was 16 and then I studied fashion, designed some clothing and though about starting modeling once I was out of school. May 2007 I was in my first local fashion show and my modeling took off since then.

What drew you to modeling?

I love being able to portray any emotion or sybolism and seeing it captured. Even if it's what I call "my ugly faces". I make some pretty funny faces and have way too many pictures from shoots that are all too hilarious to post :)

What would be your dream shoot?

Well, my dear friend Wolfie and I are waiting for when lovely Julia Comita visits San Francisco in May we are doing a tye dyed ballgown saran wrap shoot after she finishes her internship at Vogue. She left 1/7, so we have some beautiful planning to do til May.

I see that you do implied nudity, how do you deal with the people who see you as a 'piece of meat' as a result of it?

If anyone doesn't understand art, that's their problem. They can piss off.

Photo: Julia Comita

I read that you are only 5' 6", how has your height affected your modeling, good or bad?

So, when I was 13 and did that pageant I got a 1st runner up out of 30 some odd girls. I was super excited, but when they had me see the agents afterwards they were very concerned for my height and let my parents know. When I got contacted a week later to submit my headshots, my mum got cold feet because she knew I was always going to be on the abnormally tiny size. So, in short I didn't get to continue modeling until later on and the same height problem has persisted. Also since my measurements are so small around, most designers clothes hang like bags on me. living 5'6" 26-22-33 is a trip.

I see that you are an activist, name a few causes you feel passionate about.

Civil liberties in all forms is my biggest issue. I'm very excited "Don't Ask" got repealed, but disappointed that we haven't started tackling the "Defense of Marriage Act". It's a disgusting disregard to any states allowing equal marriage for all. Segregation of any kind really bothers me, especially when a "social status" or being loaded with cash makes people treat you differently. Since September 2009 I have been working for Sonoma County Conservation Action doing Field Canvassing and training on Sonoma County environmental issues, which is just common sense when I think about it. 

Is there anything that you would like to add/promote?

Dear, thank you so much for all of this :) I'd like to know what everyone thinks of my portfolios on my website, I just recently finished building it. Please, also let me know if any of you all want to buy prints! I haggle depending on how far I have to ship and how many you want :) Since my gallery showing is going on, any left over photos will be up for sale, some framed, some unframed, whichever you prefer really.

Also, if you're on Model Mayhem, add me, I wanna see your art! 

Wenchi's Gallery Showing Poster

Photo: Randy Wentzel

Photo: Steven Gelberg

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