Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Model Interview: Laura Shipman

Laura Shipman is a Nottingham based model and makeup artist. She is always looking for new shoots and is open to any ideas- the crazier and more ‘out there’ the idea- the more she will like it!

Laura is interested in all areas of modelling, but she prefer shoots that give her the opportunity to create a character or story.

She doesn’t limit herself to what she can do or be, as long as it's interesting and different. Laura likes to take any opportunity to show off her beautiful tattoos, she says “I paid enough for them, so I'm damn well going to flaunt them!”

What has been your best experience with modeling?

I always love being in front of the camera, so it's hard to pick one favourite thing.

You’re also a MUA, which was your first love- modeling or makeup?

I actually started doing both around the same time, and I really love both - but in the long term I see my career being as a MUA.

Do you enjoy being on set as a MUA or a model more?

I could never pick, I love both. The main reason I'm planning my career being as an MUA is because there are less limitations on it as a career.

Two of your many tattoos feature roses, can you describe them?

My most recent (and my favourite) tattoo is the black and white roses up my left side. The design came from the makeup I did for a body painting shoot while i was at college but i decided not to have mine in colour so it'd never clash with my hair. They go from around my hip up to my shoulder blade. The details and the shading are amazing. I was gutted when I was told the guy who did it has moved away so I can't go to him in the future.

My other rose tattoo is the first one I got; it's about a centimetre below where the other roses stop. It's in colour, but the red is draining out of the rose bud and there's a drop of blood at the bottom. It'll only ever end up in a picture if I do full frontal nude.

I also have a tribal heart on my right hip, which will be extended in the future, and one on my lower back that I've never been able to describe successfully.

You’ve had pink hair, black hair, pink/black hair and also red hair- which has been your favourite look?

I've had everything except blue and blonde. And that's not for lack of trying. But pink, black and red are the 3 looks I always end up coming back to.
The pink/black is probably going to stay for a while because I've finally found that most elusive of hair colours - a pink that stays in.
It makes me very happy.

You have a facebook folder full of shoot ideas, where do you get your inspiration from?

I have more that I've got out of magazines but can't get on the computer. Some of it is stuff I've found on the internet when I was looking for ideas. And I watch America's Next Top Model religiously. They do some really cool shoots there's one in particular I really like but I can't get a picture for it without risking finding out who won the season I haven't seen yet. And I've learned a lot from the advice and critiques given to the girls.
Also I've always loved the Calvin Klein jeans ads.

What can we expect from you for the remainder of 2011?
Hopefully I'll be starting back at college in a couple of weeks to get my hairdressing qualification - so if all goes well that will be taking up a lot of my time and I'll be having to arrange shoots around that, which is always a pain but it'll be worth it. More skills=more jobs. Which is always good!

Do you have anything that you would like to add or promote?

My best friend's photography page, also based in Nottingham, England


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