Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Model Interview: Maja Stina

Maja Stina is a 21 year old model from the UK, who has been modeling for over a year. She says “I’m the sort of girl that likes to take life as it comes and do what I can with what I’m given. After all, you can’t keep wishing you have things you don’t have”. Maja designs her own websites as a hobby and currently owns and operates 5 websites. Late last year, she started her own latex clothing line called Burning Violet.

Photo by Xavi Moya

Is there a story behind your model alias?
Yes, my friend's name is Maja Stina and I just loved the way it sounded, so asked if I could use it, and she said yes!

How did you get your start in the modeling business?
It was almost by accident. I've always been curious about it but I started blogging in 2010 about makeup and one day decided to book a photoshoot and have been modelling ever since!

Photo by Xavi Moya

Where or who do you draw inspiration from in modeling or in your everyday life?
In modelling, I draw inspiration from other models that I aspire to be like (in terms of success) such as Mosh, Ulorin Vex and Raquel Reed, to name a few. In everyday life, I'm not quite sure where I draw my inspiration from! I'm a bit of a workaholic so I tend to consider my modelling everyday life for me. I make my own latex clothing and when I'm designing, I get inspired by all kinds of things, from architecture to vintage patterns.

You started making your own websites at the age of 13 and you currently run 5 websites, what are they called?
Wow! It's been a while since I updated some of them, but I own my
modelling site, my clothing design site and my blog site, which I need to update! I've not had time for it since I started modelling and clothing design! I recently sold my other two websites, as they were in the MySpace niche and I no longer have an interest in websites relating to MySpace, as I feel it's really dying!

Models: Maja Stina and Melissa Hayward.

Photo by Danielle Keogh

You have your own latex line, what’s been your favourite piece that you are most proud of as a designer?
this piece. By JEF Photography, fascinator by Janine Basil Hats.
I really love cute things, though I'd never be caught dead in bows and frills in real life! It's kind of a secret love of mine! But this piece is my favourite so far just because of how cute it is. I also love the way it fits me and how comfy it is! Having said that, I know that I have some designs in the works that I'll love even more than this one! You guys will have to wait and see, though. :)

You have featured in 3 issues of Bizarre Magazine, what was that like?
It was weird! Bizarre was the first magazine I ever submitted to and so I didn't expect anything at all. I almost died when I picked up a copy and saw myself inside! I'll be shooting at the end of August for their cover star shoot, which will be in one of their upcoming issues. I'll also be in again at the end of the year, as I've made it to the finals for the UltraVixen subscribers' cover contest. I also just got into Bizarre for the 4th time this year after being invited to their summer ball with some of the other UltraVixens - there's a picture of us all trying to look really mean and, well, bizarre!

Photo by Aerynn

What can we expect from you for the second half of 2011?
Chaos. Always. I never really know what's happening! But, I've got a new idea for a company that I may start later in the year. But that's a complete secret because I've not made anything yet, or even thought of a company name! But, watch this space!

Do you have anything that you would like to add or promote?
Not that I can think of! But, I'm always looking for people to suggest new themes for me to model, as well as new ideas for styles of latex outfits, or even colours! I always love a good bit of feedback!

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