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Halloween Interviews Part 2: Mija Lou

Photo: BHK Design
Photo: BHK Design

TAMD: Tell us a little about yourself.
Mija Lou: I'm a 21 year old Scandinavian viking from Denmark. Born and raised in the town of Lego, Billund. I go to business school, where I only survive because of coffee and music. I was raised in a family that loves music and to party, so I'm a pretty free spirit. I'm a lover, not a fighter. I try to fill my days with lots of love and joy. I don't let people manipulate me. I'm very down to earth and I'm a polite person. I think I'm a funny person; I laugh at my self a lot. I'm a creative person who loves to draw, paint, sing, dance, perform and so on. Lover of everything oldies, the music, the clothes, the people, the history. Lover of horror, zombies, and good scary films. Halloween freak.

TAMD: What or who inspired you to model?

ML: I've always loved to be in front of the camera. Always been inspired by the vintage pin-ups & looking more into it I found more modern pin-ups as well, and I felt the connection.
My family has always got my back and knewing that, I felt more strong to try out my little modeling dream. 

Jasmina Kovacevic
Jasmina Kovacevic

TAMD:  What would you like to get out of your modeling career?
ML: All in all the experience. To meet new people. To get published. See the world. Learn new things about my self and the world.

TAMD: What has been your biggest accomplishment so far in your modeling career?
ML: I'm so happy about all I've accomplished so far, from my first model work for Punk Up Bettie to my first publication in a magazine. Also being more happy about how I look, how I am, and being more open. All the people I've met through this have been incredible as well!

Daniel Vilstrup
Daniel Vilstrup

TAMD: You're mainly a pinup model, what drew you to that style?
ML: I'm a lover of the oldies. I love everything a pin-up model stands for. That's how I've always been.

TAMD: Besides modeling, you play various sports. Tell us about them.
ML: My family is very athletic, so of course I was raised to play sports. Football/Soccer is what runs in my family. My dad plays, my big brother did play when he was my age, if he hadn't stopped he probably would have been a pro goalkeeper today. My little brother has also been playing since he was little and if he would take it more seriously he probably also would be a pro. I've been playing since I was 10. I started out as the only girl with 35 boys, but that has only taught me to not be afraid of getting down and dirty. I play twice a week now and I'm striker. 

Daniel Vilstrup
Daniel Vilstrup

TAMD: Describe the modeling community in Denmark. Is it easy finding work, or is it still a small community of professionals?
ML: I wouldn't really know, because I haven't searched for model jobs here. I have a job for Punk Up Bettie who's located in Copenhagen (our capital), but that's the only thing I have with my own country. Danish alternative model Anne Lindfjeld basically told me to get the hell out of Denmark if I really wanted to be a professional alternative model.

 TAMD: What are a few things that people would never guess about you?
ML: I'm a quiet and shy person. I have anxiety. John Lennon is my hero. As a little girl I wanted to become a rabbit when I grew up. I love musicals. I have won gold and silver in rhythmic gymnastics. I'm not fond of the pin-up dresses with wide skirts. I've been to London, Paris, Prague but never tried to fly. I'm very clumsy. I hate my ankles. I'm a LOTR freak. 

Daniel Vilstrup
Daniel Vilstrup

TAMD: What are your plans for Halloween if you celebrate?
ML: My plans are to celebrate my friends birthday. We made it a tradition 2 years ago to celebrate her birthday and Halloween the same day because her birthday is 2 days before Halloween and we both love to go all Halloween crazy. It's really not a big thing in Denmark which is PRETTY DAMN ANNOYING.

As far as costume wise, I'm going to be the devil, as shown in my new Halloween photos. I want to be sexy this year! Haha!

TAMD: Is there anything you'd like to add and/or promote?
ML: My fan page? I have so much comin' and would love to share it with you all. It's always a pleasure. From more pin-up to more horror. Collaborations and publications. Yes it's all there! Come by and say hi :) xoxoxoxoxoxo!!

Thank you Ashley & TAMD <3 MUCH LOVE!!

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