Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Halloween *Mini* Interviews Part 1: Dayne

Photo: Nic Burgess

TAMD:  What is the story behind your alias?
Dayne: My alias for modeling has a number of origins. It's the last name of a country singer, the last name of a Character in Game of Thrones, a variation on a name that is in my family, and also a homonym for my heritage (I'm a "Dane"). It's simple and memorable, and somewhat androgynous as well, which I like.

TAMD: What drove you to start modeling?
Dayne: I was driving with my husband in the south of Germany three months ago and we needed a way to pay for gas. I booked my first modeling job in München with Lifes Foto Models for 150 Euros, after that, for some reason I just started booking a lot of work!

TAMD: Besides modeling, what do you do in your spare time?
Dayne: I am finishing up my Bachelor's Degree, I garden, and I read mostly. I am learning a lot about photography and photo editing even in just the three months I have been modelling.

TAMD: You recently did your first cosplay shoot, do you have more planned?
Dayne: I love cosplay and before modelling I couldn't afford it. One of the wonderful things about this job is being paid to enact a fantasy. I plan to do more work like that in the future, instead of "pretty girl on a white background." I love being approached with a fully-formed idea, or creatively collaborating on thematic shoots.

TAMD: The photo that is featured was very controversial when I shared it on TAMD. Mainly people were saying you were glorifying murder, in your own words what was the motivation behind the shoot?
Dayne: The shoot with Nic Burgess where I play a "dead girl" (a la Laura Palmer) was just a lot of fun. Hallowe'en is coming up, and I think the photos turned out really well. It's funny that Nic gets accused of glorifying misogynistic themes and whatnot in his work, when he was in fact one of the most respectful people I have worked with so far. Your average "guy with a camera" who approaches you and wants to do sexy nudes or lingerie shots in his basement has far more contempt for women than your average kink/fetish, alternative, or horror photographer. I must say that with the number of times I get asked to look doe-eyed, submissive and sexy in my line of work it is refreshing to do work where the point is not "be pretty so I can fap later"--the point is "let's create some art."

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