Sunday, December 26, 2010

Model Interview: Johna Marilyn Curtis

Johna came to TAMD when our 'Faces of TAMD/Holiday Contest 2010' had just started, he would go onto gaining an honorable mention from the sponsors and I. Johna, who also goes by Marilyn, is a fabulous aspiring model who, honestly makes a better looking woman then most. Obviously he is not your typical male model, in fact he seems to merge the worlds of female and male modeling together, so it is only natural that he be interviewed. I hope that this will open the doors for others like him to join TAMD as I am a lover of all walks of life.

What's the story behind your model alias? 

Well I started playing with makeup at an early age of about 14 and I was very inspired by people like Marilyn Manson and Brian Molko from Placebo. Taking parts of each of them to finally make the creation that you see today that keeps growing and growing.

Some people are confused about this, so to clarify, how do you identify yourself?

Definitely male, I dress this way simply because male clothes suck, female attire is so much nicer than the shit you see guys wearing.

You work for a place called Funny Girls what exactly is Funny Girls? What do you do there? 

Funny Girls is a Transvestite showbar in Blackpool, UK completely Staffed by Trannys (apart from a few) and mostly I am behind the bar looking fabulous. I walk round getting my picture taken with people.. a few years ago I did appear in the funny girls show. If anyone is ever in Blackpool do pop in an say hello. 

You won Tranny Bar Princess title how did it feel to win?

Well what can I say??? The best tranny won :P Nah, it was a close call between me and Katie. My mother and sister were in the crowd the night I won so it made it slightly more special for them to see me win.

Johna being crowned Tranny Bar Princess 2010 at Funny Girls

Johna after being crowned Tranny Bar Princess at Funny Girls

On a more personal level, at what age did you first put on female clothing?

Very young, I was about 5 when I remember the first time. But, my sister used to dress me up when I was a baby and push me round in a pram telling people I was her little sister.

Your make up always looks perfect, what types of products do you use to look so fabulous? 

I can usually work with any kind of makeup be it crap off the market or designer makeup. Currently I am wearing all Mac makeup and this is how I love it.

What advice would you give to other boys/men who are still aren't open about wearing womans clothing? 

Come out come out wherever you are!!! Life is too short to hide in a closet, be proud and show the world how fabulous you are!

How do you deal with those people who find your lifestyle strange or wrong?

I have heard all the insults more than once and I have been attacked for it a few times but, really most people just stare or tell me they wish they could look like I do. I tend to stay away from places less tranny friendly.

Other than being a model what do you do in your spare time? 

I play on my xbox mostly and I watch a lot of movies (mostly horror). I spend a lot of time talking to my best friend, MissSuperstar, who I think should be featured on this page as she is simply the best.

(NOTE: MissSuperstar, I would love to add you to TAMD! You can find out how to get on TAMD by reading the info under our default photo on our facebook page.)


Is there anything you would like to add or promote?

I'd like to promote myself :P Anyone interested in doing a shoot with me then drop me a message. You can watch my videos on my youtube account (for link see below) and feel free to add me to your friends list. Any guys who want any tips on female impersonation you can always ask me discreetly and I will try my best to help you out .. dont be ashamed, be loud and proud!!!!!!!

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  1. its a small world. Sat in Melbourne reading your interview and read Funny Girls. Until last year I lived in Blackpool and know funny girls well.
    Fabulous pics

  2. How awesome is this guy?! I voted for Johna in the recent Funny Girls contest AND The Alternative Model Directory's Xmas comp and I was so chuffed to see him win the one.