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Halloween Interviews Part 3: RavenEmber

Gregory Kowalski

Imagine a woman who models in any genre. Well no need to imagine such a model because, one already exists. Her name is Jodie, you may know her better as RavenEmber. Currently RavenEmber is our model of the month for October - scroll down the page and you'll see why. While this feature only has a selection of RavenEmber's Horror/Gore themed photos, she also shoots in the genres of High Fashion, Period Inspired, Glamour, Fetish, Lingerie, Implied Nude, Gothic, Beauty, the list goes on. Each photoshoot is done with a high degree of professionalism and poise...even when she's covered in fake blood.

Gregory Kowalski

What is the story behind your alias?

My modeling name is RavenEmber and it comes from me being a complete and utter geek. Lol. I play Lord of the Rings online, and my original character name was going to be Amber Raven - due to my love of ravens and my red hair. That name was already taken so, I changed it to RavenEmber; still the same meaning, I love ravens and my hair is like the embers in a fire.

I like having an alias because I like to be able to separate myself from my modeling. Jodie lounges about in jeans with no makeup, cleaning like a mad thing and playing with her 6 cats. Raven is a dedicated model, confident and sure of herself. The weirdest thing is when people in the street, or in a shop, come up to me and say, "Oh no way, you're RavenEmber!", very strange but, very sweet.

Name a few of your favorite Horror movies.

Oh this is Hard!!! Well, I'll start with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 because, I love it! It's such a comedy horror and it makes me laugh and reminds me of old friends. Plus, the utterly awesome Mister Bill Moseley is in it. Next, I'd have to say 'The House of 1000 Corpses' and 'The Devil's Rejects', both films by Rob Zombie. I love how different they are from each other. The first is like a proper 1970's horror movie while, the second is almost filmed more like a documentary....kind of. Both soundtracks are awesome!

Finally, I have to mention 'Spider Baby'. This film is not nearly as recognized as it should be. It's a classic black and white horror where you don't actually get to see any horror as such! It's brilliant and everyone should go and watch it. Plus, it stars the awesome Sid Haig back in the day.

There are so many more horror movies I love but, it would take all day to list them all.

Gregory Kowalski

Gregory Kowalski

What's your favorite monster? 

I love zombie movies but, they're not my favorite monsters! I love both vampires and werewolves. Hmm..this is a tough question! When I was younger, I think it would have easily been vampires which, comes from my love of vampire movies and books; including Anne Rice's awesome chronicles and films like the 'Lost Boys' but, nowadays I prefer werewolves. They get the best of both worlds, they get both sunshine and the night. They have the chance to live a more normal life.

How did you get involved with SFX makeup? What do you feel is your specialty?

I've been doing special FX makeup for years now but, mainly just for Halloween and for me and my friends. Wounds, scratches, scrapes, gouges,  I do them all. But, I'd say my specialty is zombie makeup. I like working with latex and creating all manner of zombies from the fresh ones to the moldering.

I was lucky enough, recently, to be asked to do special effects make up with Colin Perry and Sam Reid for a local project called the 'Dying Seconds' (Morgan Black and Kris Rennie) It's been so much fun and I hope it opens the door for more projects.

Example of RavenEmber's SFX work,
Halloween 2010

Gregory Kowalski

How will you be spending your Halloween?

I will be partying it on up on the 29th at my own legendary Halloween party. I decorate my entire house and all my friends and family come over. Halloween is more important than Christmas to me - I have more decorations for Halloween than Christmas too. Lol. As well as all my living friends, all those who've passed over get invited too, and we drink and dance and celebrate. The effort everyone puts into their costumes is just amazing and I can't wait to see everyone this year again!!

Gregory Kowalski

Gregory Kowalski

Gregory Kowalski

Gregory Kowalski

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