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Holy models, Batman! Interview with Mookie, Magenta Costley, Lily Le Roi, & Lady Noctis

One of my favorite comic book/movie/video game series is Batman. Not just because Batman is badass, but it has some of the sexiest, badass villains and villainess's of all time. My favorite being Catwoman. Today I've brought you a few models who have shot as Catwoman, Poison Ivy, & Harley Quinn. Enjoy, you nerds!

Photo by: Miss Mookie
You're New to TAMD so, first things first, welcome to TAMD. Please introduce us to Miss Mookie.
Miss Mookie is my pin-up pseudonym. I am currently competing in Australia's premier pin-up competition - Miss Pin-up Australia. I will compete on stage November 12th and am pretty darn excited! I have embraced the pinup lifestyle because I like the fact that it embraces all forms of beauty. I think women are fed up with being dictated by the mainstream media as to what is deemed 'ideal beauty'. Clothing of the 1940's and 50's is all about accentuating curves and celebrating the female form. As a designer I am also interested in the fact that garments true to this era don't rely on Lycra and ultra stretchy fabrics. I think this changes the way you hold yourself. Also, pampering and putting in extra time to look good is the best way to feel great about yourself and empowered, whatever your chosen look. I am a big believer in self love and I hope to inspire other women, especially young girls, that everyone is  beautiful in their own way, and mainstream 'photoshopped' beauty should not be the yardstick which they measure themselves by.

Why did you decide to do a shoot as Catwoman?
Last year I started a self-portrait photographic project called 365wordgirl. Randome people enter words via my website and each week I use 7 words to form a self-portrait photo. Catwoman was one of the words for this particular shoot, which is awesome, because I love Catwoman!

Are you a fan of comic books or do you prefer the movie and/or cartoon adaptations of them? Which is your favorite?
To be honest I have only recently started reading comics as my son is starting to get into them, and we read them together. So fair my favorite artist is Skottie Young, his stuff rocks! I would say I actually like the comic books compared to movies as the illustrations are an art in itself and reading is always better than watching a movie.

As far as my favorite comic, so far it would be Marvel's ' The Wonderful Wizard of Oz'. I also like the Star Wars stuff out through Darkhorse, because I'm a Star Wars freak!

Is there any other comic book characters that you would like to shoot as?
I have actually shot my own version of Tankgirl, which was pretty fun. Also this year I went to a comic/manga convention and designed & made my own costume, which was my own version of Blue Wasp. I still need to do a photoshoot with this outfit.

What are your plans for Halloween?
Halloween is not at big in Australia as it is in the US but, having said that, last year my son and I went trick or treating around the neighborhood and had a blast! I was a zombie nurse and he was a medieval ghoul. Hopefully, we will do that again this year, as he really loves it.


Magenta Costley
Photos by: Robin Cook
MUAH: Cherry Dame
 Why did you decide to do as shoot as Harley Quinn? Poison Ivy?
I was asked to do a villain shoot, and Harley Quinn was always my favorite, so it was natural that I picked her to portray. Poison Ivy happened because the photographer knew I'm a geek at heart and wanted to do something that was still sexy but, different from his usual stuff.

Out of the two, which is your favorite?
Harley Quinn is my favorite. "Puddin"

Are you a fan of Batman?
Absolutely, he's my favorite..beating Superman, Spiderman, and any other "man" out there.

I want to mention your newest venture, painting. Please tell us a bit about your work.
A lot of my work is inspired by people or characters that really influenced me growing up. One of my first paintings was of The Goblin King and one of Eric Draven. I draw a lot of inspiration from pop culture icons, but I also take on commissioned work as well.

What are your plans for Halloween?
Halloween is actually my wedding anniversary. We have plans to spend the weekend in Savannah, touring all the old cemeteries and going on haunted tours. Halloween night is always spent watching a Vincent Price's been a tradition of ours and this will be the 7th year in a row.

Photos by: Varga Photography
MUAH: Billie Jo Garcia

Photo by: Jack Edward Odd
MUA: Lily Le Roi
Why did you decide to do a shoot as Poison Ivy?
She is my favorite villain! 

Which do you prefer, Superheros or Supervillains? Which is your all time favorite Superhero or Supervillain?
I like villains, because they have more fun. Poison Ivy is my fav, she's so sexy and sassy!

Are you a fan of Batman?
YES! I am currently wearing a Batman shirt. =)

In the spirit of October and fall, let's talk about something you love - Pumpkin Spice Latte's. How much do you love them?
AH! I love them! I wish they had them all year round. Soy Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks is like fall in a cup. If I could drink them every single day..I so would!

What are your plans for Halloween?
Party like a rockstar!



Photo by: Teagan Delemore
Latex: Artifice Clothing
MUA: Katy Jones
 How fun was it shooting as Harley Quinn?
On the day of the shoot, I was extremely excited as I had been wanting to do as Harley Quinn shoot for quite some time; especially as I had purchased myself a custom latex costume from Artifice Clothing. I was also asked to bring a few of my Harley memorabilia to possible shoot with on the day; which I was very careful with because I was quite worried about breaking them while traveling to the shoot.

Upon arrival, I had my make-up done by a wonderful and talented MUA named Katy Jones, she did an incredible job on capturing the look of Harley Quinn, with also adding her own personal spin on it by adding read diamonds around my mask; they were not hugely noticeable but it was that little extra detail that made the mask jump out.

Teagan (photographer) and I had been chatting about the shoot for weeks, so we were both excited about doing the shoot on set; and we just had fun with it all trying to capture the look and personality of Harley Quinn as true as possible.

The result from our shoot together recently got published on the cover of DarkFaery Subculture Magazine as well as a 2 page spread which was part of their Heroes and Villains edition; which was a massive success for me as a model and a fan.

Photo by: Teagan Delemore
Latex: Artifice Clothing
MUA: Katy Jones

I know that you are a huge fan of Harley's. How extensive is your collection of Harley memorabilia?
I have always been a comic fan, but most of all I have been a Batman Fangirl and I wear the badge proudly. I discovered Harley Quinn when she was first introduced in 1992 in The Batman Animated Series, and when she made her first comic appearance in D.C. Comics "Mad Love" written and illustrated by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm. My love for her just grew and grew as did my collection.

Which is currently taken up an entire corner of my room. I really need to get a nice display unit for it all as it's becoming really difficult to display any more of my new collection.

Whenever people enquire about my "obsession" I always respond with it being a "small" one, but when people see the size of my collection and/or reaction to when a new figurine is announced I think it is fair to say it's far from small.

Just a bit of Lady Noctis's
Harley Quinn collection!

You're not just a model, but and artist as well. Were do you get your inspiration from?
My art can be described as Pop Surrealism, seductive with an air of melancholy. I am highly inspired by the Victorian era, the emotions of one's individual state, dark romanticism, and all things timeless. I also like to explore and develop different subject matters and mediums as it enables me to grow and develop as an artist.

What are your plans for Halloween?
This is all sadly current dependent on my work schedule, but if I am not working I have plans to dress up and celebrate it with my friends. As for the costume, I am debating over three possible ideas: Harley Quinn (asylum inmate costume), American McGee's Alice or Silent Hill nurse.



Deceased Darling as Catwoman

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