Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Interviews Part 4: The Vamp Girls

The Vamp Girls consist of 2 extremely talented ladies, Kacy & Sarah Vamp. These two aren't just models though, they are dancers, performers, & hostesses. Recently, The Vamp Girls have begun working with Metal Sanaz to give metal lovers a behind the scenes look at various metal bands. You can check out their interviews on their brand new Youtube page.

Whether it's on the stage or in a photoshoot, one thing The Vamp Girls always brings is the blood and a badass attitude. The photo set, photographed by Radiant Inc., featured in this post is no exception. But, it's so much more, it tells a story...a story perfect for Halloween.

Ashlin: What draws you both to gore/horror?

Sarah: We are Vamps, we love everything about horror and gore. The blood and the shock value are our favorite aspects of it. There is just something unique about it that draws us to it. And to be honest it is definitely exciting.

What's your favorite monster?

We love our fellow vampires! Vampires are dangerous, sexual, mysterious, and a lot of people are drawn to them because of one, if not all, of those qualities. We also love classic horror monsters like Frankenstein's Monster & his bride, The Wolfman, and The Creature from the Black Lagoon.

For Halloween do The Vamp Girls dress "normal"? How do you top what you wear on stage and in photoshoots?

In Vegas there are so many things to do during the month of October for Halloween. We always will go to at least one Halloween event as The Vamp Girls. There are always new people to meet and they love the blood, fangs, and costumes! To top what we usually do we will dress as something unexpected or the exact opposite. This year we are going as Wayne and Garth from Wayne's World! It is totally unexpected and it is something more funny than scary.

Name your favorite Horror movie(s).

The Devil's Rejects, The Haunting (Original), The Shining (Original), Saw series, Dracula, & Interview with the Vampire.

What your your plans this Halloween?

We are busy this time of year! We are doing a lot of events and photoshoots. We will also be going out to a few Halloween parties and events around Las Vegas.

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