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Halloween Interviews Part 8: Drusilla Killswitch

How did the name 'Drusilla Killswitch' come about?

The name Drusilla Killswitch came about actually when I was in high school. I was a huge fan of Spike and Dru and in those days I wore the London Gowns just like Drusilla and had long dark hair and was quiet and mysterious just like her. My friends said I reminded them of her so they dubbed me Drusilla or Dru for short. A few years later my friend Chris who actually is the photographer of the set you are using gave me the nickname Killswitch for funny reasons. The name stuck and I added it to Drusilla and it just sounded awesome. For years I was known as just Drusilla until Killswitch was added. I think the two work very well together.

What was the inspiration for this photoshoot?

The inspiration was thought of the photographer Chris Swenk. He called me up with the idea and I was all for it! It was suppose to be a take from "Hear no evil, See no evil. Speak no evil"...but as we couldn't get the right props for it...the shoot turned into being in the words of Chris " the tormented soul we all have inside of us." Basically everyone has a tormented soul that we never really show but we keep inside of us and how we all torment ourselves over our lifetime and the torment we send to others and such. It was an awesome shoot and we had a blast doing it!! We just shot away and were very happy with the results. It has been in a gallery show and did quite well. 

You're a creative model, which has been your favorite shoot to do?

I actually have two fave shoots. Both were shot by Chris Swenk. One shoot was "Welcome to Centralia" which was shot in Centralia PA, where there has been a coal mine fire burning over the last 40 years. Although a gas mask was involved breathing was hard due to fumes, but it was so much fun to shoot and he has done quite well with gallery shows with that set as well. Of course the "Torment" shoot was another. It took over an hour to do makeup and such in a cold basement but the shoot took 5 to 10 minutes and the results were amazing! Chris made the eye prosthetic and covered me in body mud then painted me to give me a "decrepit" look. It was a ton of fun!! All my shoots have been fun and I always try to find something new, different and creative to do!! The more "out there" the shoot the better!!! If we can make someone go "oh my gosh", we have done our job!!

Besides modeling you like to dance, what is your favorite style of dance?

I have been dancing since I was 4. I have done everything from ballet, baton twirling, gymnastics, and jazz dancing. I love every form of dance!! I go-go for alternative night clubs as well when I can. My fave form of dancing would have to be Ballet. I just love the movements, and it is really great exercise. If it wasn't for the knee surgeries I had in high school, I was hoping to try out for The Julliard School of Dance. Ballet is just a beautiful style of dance and I hope to continue with it soon. Dancing and music in general is my life. If there is a great beat involved, you will find me dancing, no matter where I am lol. 

What are your plans for Halloween?

Halloween......I just love this time of year. I love being able to dress up and be someone else without being judged. I have no real plans but if I can I would love to try for a look from Katy Perry's video E.T. If not there is always next year...but there are no real plans. Maybe a party or two here and there. Whatever it is I do....I hope to make it huge lol. Halloween this year is all last minute for me due to being busy with work and such. I am just hoping I am able to have a good time.

I want to thank everyone at TAMD for giving me this chance to be interviewed and thank you for everything they have done with promoting my work and such!!! They are all awesome people and really help when it comes to finding work and others to work with!! TAMD RAWKS!!!! Also thank you to everyone reading this. I hope you enjoyed it and thank you for your support!!! Keep the Alternative style alive!!!

Photo Credits:
Photographer: Chris Swenk

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