Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween Interviews Part 1: Andy Virus

The first set of bloody, spooktacular photos comes from Andy Virus. Andy Virus is based in Virginia but, as his current tour proves, likes to travel. He also likes to get bloody and for that we love him. 

What are some of the challenges facing male models, in your opinion?

Oh, wow; that depends on the type of modeling. I'm not with an agency so, I do all the promotion. Since I primarily do 'Alternative' work, it's a lot tougher for me. Male models in that genre don't book as much as the females. I've recently begun shooting fetish, erotica, and nude work; which has helped me book more shoots. But, it is still very difficult because there is more of a market for females. Most of my shoots in those genres are couples but, I have booked some solo work. I think it also helps that I do a lot of androgyny shoots.

What draws you to Horror/Gore style photoshoots?

I am a horror buff. I grew up watching horror movies and was always surrounded by those films. They draw me in because it tests the boundaries and steps over traditional limits. I love being covered in fake blood.

What was the story behind this set?

There actually isn't a story behind this set. The photographer invited myself, and the female model I worked with, to his studio in D.C. for a horror shoot. When we got to the studio, he showed us the props he brought, including fake blood, and described the image he was looking for. We were both ecstatic. The last part of the shoot was my favorite. The female model had to drink the fake blood and then spit it at my face. It turned out really well. The shoot was so much fun.

Who influences you?

Oh, wow. Davey Havok (vocalist for AFI) is my idol. There are a few male models. Perish, who is pretty well known in the alternative and fetish world, Justin Sandler, Tattoo23, and Manzin.

What will you be doing, this Halloween?

I'm not sure. I will still be in Los Angeles. I'm hoping I can celebrate it. I still need to figure out what I am going to be. I'm usually preparing for Halloween in August but, touring has kept me very busy.


October 17-30 - Los Angeles
November 2-10 - San Francisco
November 11-15 - Las Vegas
November 16-27 - Amarillo/Lubbock
November 28- December 5 - Ohio
December 7-12 - Philadelphia
December 13-18 - Baltimore, Maryland
December 19 - New Years - Richmond, Virginia

All images by: Dead Clown Studios

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